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Xbox One is a famous video game console that has been developed by Microsoft. It came after the Xbox 360 and a huge competitor of the PlayStation 4 by Sony. This 8-year-old console brought new inventions to the world of gaming with realistic visuals and high-speed performance. The Xbox One has brought some groundbreaking technology with it such as 1080p HD Kinect for motion gaming and SmartGlass that lets gaming enthusiasts control and play Xbox One games from their tablet or smartphone.

The gaming controllers of Xbox One are quite comfortable and easy to use with triggers that enhance precise controls making games more realistic. Xbox One games are big blockbusters and a favorite among the youth. Among these big titles are games such as Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Grand Theft Auto and Child of Light. These games have received a high ranking by critics and users for their immersive interaction, powerful plots, new features, engaging soundtracks, captivating graphics and control options.

Let's have a look at some of the famous Xbox One games in the market.

Grand Theft Auto V gameplay

This game is the latest edition of the GTA world. The game features three characters that is Michael, Franklin and Trevor, each having their own story. Los Santos is the city in which the game has been set, amidst the countryside and beaches. This is known to be the largest open space so far in the GTA game series. The players have a choice of either an open world or mission based gameplay. The characters of the game come together to earn quick money that will secure them for life.

Call of Duty:

This game is set within the world's largest Private Military Corporation (PMC). Atlas Corporation. The plot revolves around the time frame when the PMCs were the world's most dominant armed forces across various nations. The game deals with them remapping the borders and revising the war rules. Each player has to wear an exoskeleton and users will have engage in a great experience. Unlike other games of the series, players will get advanced armor and weapons, that changes the perspective and gaming experience.

Child of Light

The main character of this game is Aurora, a beautiful princess that has a pure heart. Aurora's soul id brought to the place called Lemuria. The antagonist of the game is a Black Queen, that has stolen the source of light in the kingdom. The players have to restore the light for the kingdom of Lemuria and defeat the Black Queen.

Xbox One Games Online

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