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Enjoy a Transformative Gaming Experience with the Xbox 360! 

There’s something exciting about plugging in a new gaming console and getting lost for hours in an immersive game. Whether you like playing alone or with a group of friends or family, the Xbox has been a beloved console to play on since it’s inception. Providing a range of different consoles, games, and controllers, it makes for a constant companion in any gamer’s home entertainment set up. 

Different Xbox Series: 

Xbox 360: This was the second Xbox to be released by the company and was a direct competitor for the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. 

Xbox One: The successor to Xbox 360, the Xbox One claims to be an all in one home entertainment system with the addition of streaming services. 

Xbox One X: The more high end model for Xbox one, this system supports rendering games in 4k resolution allowing for more clarity of viewing and a better gaming experience.

Xbox Series S: The all digital S series packs a punch with a smaller box set, faster game load times and an Xbox game pass for an all digital access to the gaming world! 

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Xbox Price in Pakistan PKR
Xbox 360 – 320GB – 60 Games Jailbreak – Wireless Controller 17,000
Xbox 360 - 320 GB – games Jailbreak – Wireless Controller 17,299
XBOX360 Pre Jasper - Jailbreak - 500GB - Wireless controller White 19,800
Xbox 360 - jasper jailbreak with 60 games included wire controller 13,700
Xbox 360 slim Black 500GB with 80 games Wireless Controller 22,000
XBOX 360 JASPER, 320GB JTAG with 50 Games 17,900