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Ways to add fun to your traditional wear

Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves have made a huge comeback. With the 70's trend more popular than before it seems like it is here to stay! From long and flared to short and cuffed, these sleeves add drama to your everyday outfit!

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High-Low Hems

Unleash your inner stylista and opt for asymmetrical hems to give your everyday wear a statement look!

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Gharara Pants

Gharara Pants can be seen everywhere, quite literally! Since the beginning of this year, this traditional silhouette is catching the fancy of many including celebrities and designers. Stand out from the crowd by opting for these statement pants!

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Tassels add a fun element to everything! From bags to clothes, these tiny babies can make any outfit stand out. Tassels can be added on the dupatta, neck, sleeves or hem to elevate the outfit.

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