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PEL Water Dispenser in Pakistan

Pel water dispenser price in Pakistan is Rs. 20,500 & in USD it is $113. The market price of Pel water dispenser in Pakistan is Rs. 21,010. You can now buy your favorite water dispenser on Daraz at 0% EMI for 12 months, get more discount on our online shopping app. So what you are waiting for? Buy now from Daraz Pakistan.

PEL appliances has been one of the most reliable brands in Pakistan when it comes to consumer home electronics. PEL Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, PEL Water Dispensers, etc, are known for being highly durable and offer the best performance. Now a days, with the rising pollution and bacteria in the atmosphere, people are resorting to filtered water and water dispensers to get their supply of drinking water. PEL dispensers in Pakistan are an excellent choice if you are looking for a high-quality water dispenser. PEL Water dispenser price in Pakistan is set at an affordable rate yet provides state-of-the-art water filtration techniques. As many brands offer a variety of water dispensers lately, the reason why PEL has been a popular choice is because they offer long-time warranty, smart technology dispensers, and have a reasonable PEL Dispenser price in Pakistan. The latest models of the dispensers were rolled out two years back and the rate at which PEL Water Dispenser price in Pakistan 2022 was kept at is still the same as this year as well. Moreover, PEL Dispensers also come with a separate cold storage box that allows you to keep your food and drinks chilled. They are an excellent alternative for tap water and offer a fresher, healthier and cooler water with convenience.

Buy the Best PEL Water Dispensers for Your Needs!

PEL Water Dispensers come with some unique features and the latest technology that provides one with chilled water any time. Dispensers remove the impurities from water by using a Reverse Osmosis technique and PEL dispenser comes with the latest 304 SS Food grade technology that has antibacterial properties and purifies water without removing the essential minerals our body needs. Another reason why the price of PEL Water dispenser in Pakistan is worthwhile is that it comes with a low noise feature and low power consumption compressor that saves you from the extra electricity bill charges. PEL offers two designs of Water Dispensers that you can choose from:

Sleek Design: This Sleek designed Smart Water Dispenser by PEL is one of their latest and popular Dispenser series. The Smart Water Dispenser series has a high demand as it comes with a low voltage start. It offers two taps that serves cool water and hot water instantly. The convenient designing makes it the best dispenser to have in compact spaces.

Glass Door Design: The Curved Glass Door Water Dispenser by PEL is another one of their most sold dispenser series. It is a top-loading Gallon Dispenser which comes with a curved glasses door and has stylish designs that give it a beautiful finish. It also offers two taps that offers you with instant hot and cold water.

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Ecostar Water Dispenser Price List Looking for Ecostar Water Dispenser price in Pakistan? Buy Ecostar Water Dispenser directly from official dealer. Latest price of Ecostar Water Dispenser is 18999 Rupees (PKR) at daraz.
Top sellers pick Ecostar Water Dispenser Price in Pakistan
PEL Water Dispenser 115 Pearl- White - 5 litre ( PEL W/D PWD-115 ) Rs. 20,500
PEL PWD 116 Premiere Water Dispenser Rs. 22,999
Pel Water Dispenser 115 Smart With Refrigerator - 2 Tap - White Rs. 23,300
PEL Water Dispenser PEL 115-GD Rs. 23,400
Pel Glassdoor Red Blaze Water Dispenser 115 Rs. 23,599
PEL Water Dispenser PWD-115 Curved Glassdoor Pattern Mirror Impression - 4.9 Litres Rs. 24,499

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