Harpic Toilet Cleaner in Pakistan

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Harpic Toilet Cleaner in Pakistan

In Pakistan, Harpic has established itself as a leading brand in toilet cleaning, known for its efficiency and effectiveness. Harpic toilet cleaners are widely recognized for their ability to tackle tough stains and germs, ensuring a hygienic and clean bathroom. This article will delve into the different types of Harpic toilet cleaners available in Pakistan, their popular variants, pricing, and the convenience of purchasing them online.


Types of Harpic Toilet Cleaner in Pakistan

Harpic offers a range of toilet cleaning solutions to cater to various needs:

  • Harpic Liquid Cleaner: The classic liquid formula, known for its deep cleaning action and ability to remove tough stains and disinfect.
  • Harpic Power Plus: A more potent version designed for stubborn stains and heavy-duty cleaning.
  • Harpic Flushmatic: Toilet cleaning blocks that are placed in the cistern to continuously clean and freshen with every flush.
  • Harpic Bathroom Cleaner: Although not a toilet cleaner, this product complements the range by offering a solution for overall bathroom cleaning.


Popular Harpic Toilet Cleaner in Pakistan

Among Harpic's offerings, certain products stand out due to their popularity:

  • Harpic Power Plus: Known for its superior cleaning power and ability to tackle even the toughest stains.
  • Harpic Flushmatic: Popular for its convenience and continuous cleaning action.

These products are favored for their effectiveness and ease of use.


Harpic Toilet Cleaner Price in Pakistan

The price of Harpic toilet cleaners in Pakistan varies based on the type and size. Generally, the price range for Harpic products is between PKR 80 to PKR 300. This range is indicative and may vary based on market conditions, regional pricing, and promotional offers.


Where to Buy Harpic Toilet Cleaner Online

For convenience and ease of purchase, Harpic toilet cleaners can be bought online in Pakistan. Daraz.pk, one of the country's leading e-commerce platforms, offers a variety of Harpic cleaning products. Customers can browse through different types of Harpic cleaners, compare prices, and read reviews to make an informed choice.



Harpic toilet cleaners are a staple in Pakistani households, offering solutions for various cleaning needs. From liquid cleaners to in-cistern blocks, Harpic provides effective and efficient products for maintaining toilet hygiene. The availability of these products on online platforms like Daraz has made them more accessible, ensuring that quality toilet cleaning solutions are just a click away.


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