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Toilet Cleaners in Pakistan

In Pakistan, maintaining a clean and hygienic bathroom is a priority for many households and businesses. The toilet cleaner market has thus seen significant growth, offering a variety of products to meet this essential need. This article explores the different types of toilet cleaners available in Pakistan, highlights popular brands, discusses their pricing, and guides on how to buy them online.


Types of Toilet Cleaner in Pakistan

The variety of toilet cleaners in Pakistan caters to different cleaning needs and preferences:


  • Liquid Toilet Cleaners: These are the most common type, known for their ease of use and effectiveness in removing stains and disinfecting.
  • Toilet Cleaning Tablets and Blocks: Often placed in the toilet cistern, they continuously clean and freshen with each flush.
  • Toilet Cleaning Gels and Foams: These adhere to the toilet bowl for targeted cleaning, often providing a longer-lasting effect.
  • Eco-Friendly Toilet Cleaners: Made with biodegradable ingredients, these are for environmentally conscious consumers who prefer natural cleaning solutions.


Popular Brands of Toilet Cleaner in Pakistan

Several brands are trusted by Pakistani consumers for toilet cleaning:

  • Harpic: Known for its powerful cleaning and disinfecting capabilities.
  • Domex: Offers a range of toilet cleaners known for their effective germ-kill and stain-removal properties.
  • Duck: Popular for its unique applicator shapes and fresh scents.

These brands have established a reputation for quality, becoming household names in Pakistan.


Toilet Cleaner Price in Pakistan

The price of toilet cleaners in Pakistan varies depending on the brand, type, and packaging size. Generally, prices range from PKR 100 to PKR 500. Specialized or eco-friendly products may be priced higher. This range is indicative and can fluctuate based on market trends and availability.


Where to Buy Toilet Cleaner Online

For those who prefer the convenience of online shopping, toilet cleaners are easily available in Pakistan. Daraz.pk, one of the leading online shopping platforms in the country, offers a wide selection of toilet cleaners from various brands. 



Toilet cleaners in Pakistan play a crucial role in ensuring hygienic and clean bathrooms. With a range from liquid cleaners to eco-friendly options, the market caters to diverse cleaning needs and preferences. The ease of online shopping platforms like Daraz has further simplified the process of purchasing these essentials, ensuring that high-quality cleaning products are easily accessible to consumers across Pakistan.


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