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The Holy month of Ramadan is known to be the month of blessings. In this month, it is essential for every Muslim to leave useless worldly tasks and bad thoughts and think about Allah Almighty, indulge yourself in prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran. We pray and fast and while we wait for Iftaar, that itself is the remembrance of Allah! In this holy month, Muslims offer special prayers called Taraweeh every night. This special prayer is expected to be offered and prayed by every Muslim. It is an obligatory Sunnah for all Muslims in Ramadan. Daraz speakers online store has one of the best quality speakers & microphones for Taraweeh, and it also offers the best price for Taraweeh speakers & mics in Pakistan.

Taraweeh Speakers Online in Pakistan

Taraweeh is an obligatory Sunnah for all the Muslims is Ramadan. Taraweeh arrangements are done by local Pakistanis in almost every mosque and in almost every house of Pakistan. Taraweeh speakers are the main component of such prayers as they deliver vocals of Qaree Sahab to all the Muslims offering prayers. Having quality Taraweeh sound system with mic is the 1st choice of every Taraweeh organizers, this includes Taraweeh speakers & woofers along with other sound system equipment.

Audionic Taraweeh Speakers Price in Pakistan

Audionic Pakistan is one of the brands that produces the best sound systems in the world. Audionic Taraweeh speaker series is quite popular in Pakistan. Daraz.pk offers Taraweeh taSpeakers at the best price in Pakistan.

Audionic - Taraweeh Speaker Series

  • Audionic Taraweeh Speakers price in Pakistan
  • Audionic Taraweeh Trolley Speaker TW-85 with Mic & Headgear
  • Audionic Taraweeh Speaker TW-80 with Mic
  • Audionic Taraweeh Speaker TW-11 with Headgear Mic
  • Audionic Taraweeh Speaker TW-10 with Headgear Mic
  • Audionic Taraweeh Speaker TW-185 with Headgear Mic
  • Audionic Taraweeh Speaker TW-165 with Headgear Mic
  • Audionic Taraweeh Speaker TW-15 with Headgear Mic
  • Audionic Taraweeh Woofer TW-75
  • Audionic Taraweeh Trolley Speaker TW-30
  • Audionic Taraweeh Trolley Speaker TW-45 with Headgear Mic
  • Audionic Taraweeh Speaker TW-8 with Headgear Mic
  • Audionic Taraweeh Speaker TW-40 with Mic & Headgear Mic

Speaker for Other Islamic Events

Daraz.pk's speaker store offers the sound system with microphone for special Islamic events. With Daraz Pakistan, online shopping in Pakistan in the month of Ramadan is no different!

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