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Save Energy with Solar Panels in Pakistan

Solar plates are a technological advancement that gives you the opportunity to save electricity. As the cost of electricity continues to increase, the demand for solar panels is also rising. Converting to solar energy is a great way to reduce your bills, and make your electricity a lot more affordable. If you look into the solar panelist in Pakistan, then you will find that there are a variety of prices for different types. But the solar panel price in Pakistan depends on the number of plates. So, you can always choose to get a particular number of solar plates to get the best solar panel price in Pakistan. There are different types of solar panels with market rates like a 325-watt solar panel, 400 solar panels, and 500-watt solar panel price in Pakistan. All in all, solar plates in Pakistan continue to become a trend because of the rising electricity bills! Check out the solar panel list in Pakistan to get your home working on solar energy now! If you are looking to run low power consuming appliances then you should look for solar plate 150 watt price in Pakistan and install to run basic home appliances.

Daraz Offers the Best solar Plate Price In Pakistan

If you’re looking for the best solar plate price in Pakistan, then Daraz is the place for you. Converting to solar energy is a great thing for every household. Not only does it save energy, but it also saves on your electricity bills! Solar panels are more of an investment that is going to yield returns for an endless number of years. If you’re looking for a solar plate price list in Pakistan, then we suggest that you check out Daraz! Daraz offers a variety of products in portable power supply and home appliances category. From the best solar panel price in Pakistan to the best prices of solar panel parts in Pakistan, Daraz has got it all! So, shift to green energy today and save on your electricity bills as an incentive!

Why Shop for Solar Panels in Pakistan from Daraz?

Daraz is the largest online platform in Pakistan. Offering a variety of products in all types of categories, Daraz is known for its lowest prices and amazing discounts. But that’s not all, Daraz also offers original products which means you can now get all authentic items from Daraz! So, who wouldn’t want to shop from the comfort of their home? Just download your Daraz online shopping app and get started with the smoothest online shopping experience you’ve experienced thus far!

Daraz Offers Secure Payment Options

Get a variety of secure payment options from Daraz. From cash on delivery to bank transfers, online payments via debit/credit cards, and e-wallets, Daraz gives you all kinds of secure payment options.

Daraz Offers Quick and Timely Deliveries

With Daraz, you don’t have to wait for your order indefinitely. We deliver on time and we deliver safely! Enjoy fast delivery with Daraz and in case you don’t like what you got, you can always return!

Get 100% Authentic Products from DarazMall Official Stores

Daraz has official stores under DarazMall that offer only the most authentic items. Buying from DarazMall means that you don’t have to worry about the originality of your purchase. With DarazMall, authenticity is guaranteed!

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Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 60 Watt Rs. 3,999
Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 80w ( 80 Watt ) Rs. 4,500
solar panels 150 Watts Rs. 7,000
Flash Sale Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 12V 150 Watt Rs. 8,299
FLASH SALE CX Solar Panel Mono Crystalline 180 Watt A GRADEX 180w Rs. 8,299
Jasco Solar Panel Plate-Mono Crystalline 12v/165 Watt Heavy Duty( 10 Year Warrenty ) Imported Rs. 10,100
Holi Solar Mono Crystalline Solar Panel 400W ( 400 WATT ) Rs. 19,999
2 Khursheed Solar Panel Plate-Mono Crystalline 12v/180Watt Heavy Duty( 5 Year Warrenty ) Imported Rs. 20,200
2 Khursheed Solar Panel Plate-Mono Crystalline 12v/180Watt Heavy Duty( 5 Year Warrenty ) Imported Rs. 20,200
LONGI 445w Mono Crystalline Solar Panel A Grade Half Cut ( 445 watt ) Rs. 21,999

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