Pedestal Fans Price in Pakistan

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Rs. 8,999
Rs. 9,500-5%
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Rs. 30,000-3%
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Pedestal Fans price in Pakistan is Rs.- Although you can get it at a discounted price by availing the ongoing sale on Daraz app. Pedestal Fans comes with the necessary features that will fulfill your needs effortlessly. The reasonable price and top notch features make Pedestal Fans one of the best products available in Pakistan.

Pedestal Fans Price in Pakistan

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Get the Best Pedestal Fan in Pakistan

Pedestal fans are both an essential part of everyday life in Pakistan. Given the extreme hot weather of Pakistan, it’s impossible to imagine not having the best kind of pedestal fans in Pakistan. There are many brands for pedestal fans, roof fans and table fans in Pakistan that come with various features that make a fan high quality. Pedestal fan price in Pakistan is always a hot topic in Pakistan, especially because of the hot summers. People are always looking for pedestal fan price in Karachi, so that they can get their hands on the best model at the best possible price. Considering the value of rechargeable pedestal fan in Pakistan, it’s important that you know the qualities of a good fan. Make sure you look into the fan speed, the power it uses, the kind of air it throws and more!

Daraz Offers the Best Pedestal Fans Price in Pakistan

The pedestal fan price in Pakistan along with rechargeable pedestal fans price lies on a broad spectrum. There are many features that have been added to more recent models. So, every additional feature and specification calls for a higher price. The pedestal fan price in Pakistan starts from as low as just Rs. 7000 and increases as new features are added. Check out different sellers on Daraz to find the best possible pedestal fans price in Pakistan.

Pedestal Fans Price in Pakistan 2023 is Rs.6,000 for a basic model.

  • Retail Price of Pedestal Fans in Pakistan is Rs. 4,599

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Daraz is the largest online store in Pakistan, offering millions of products in several categories. Getting the best pedestal fan in Pakistan from Daraz means not just getting a super quality but even the best pedestal fans price in Pakistan. Daraz delivers your product to the doorstep – imagine shopping an absolutely authentic product from your home and getting it delivered to your place too! With shopping being so easy now, who would want to wait in a queue again when you can shop directly from Daraz. Not to mention, Daraz also gives the best discounts and deals, giving their customers simply the best prices!

Diverse Payment Options for Buying Fans in Pakistan

Daraz also offers you multiple secure payment options. Whether you want to pay cash on delivery, through a credit card or debit card, through easypaisa or bank transfers, or through e-wallets, Daraz offers it all!

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Daraz offers a no interest installment plan to give you the convenient option of buying in installments! All you need is credit card from one of Daraz’s partner banks like SCB and HBL that you can use to avail the installment plan. Now you can get the best fans in Pakistan at best fan price without having to make a hefty payment in one go!

Buy Fans in Pakistan from Official Stores on Daraz

To buy an authentic pedestal fan and rechargeable fan in Pakistan, your best bet are the official stores on Daraz. These brands have partnered with Daraz to launch their flagship stores on the platform to offer the customers a complete range of authentic products at the best prices.

Pedestal Fans The Lowest price of Pedestal Fans in Pakistan is Rs. 2,273 and Pedestal Fans average price is Rs. Rs. 24,999. Pedestal Fans price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 2,273.
Top Pedestal Fans Price
asasa 16S - 12V dc electric + solar pedestal/stand fan - White Rs. 3,500
UNITED Pedestal Fan Energy Efficient 24″ Rs. 4,599
20'' ECO SUPREME Pedestal fan 12v Dc Tamoor fans Rs. 5,550
Royal Louver Pedestal Fan-14" Rs. 5,745
GFC Myga Floor Fan Industrial - Copper Winding - 18 inches Rs. 6,480
Royal Pedestal Fan 18″ Magnum Metal Copper Rs. 6,498

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