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Buy Olive Oil in Pakistan

Olive oil, revered for its health benefits and culinary versatility, is increasingly becoming a staple in Pakistani kitchens. This comprehensive guide delves into the different types of olive oil, their benefits, the leading brands available in Pakistan, their prices, and how to conveniently purchase them online.


Types of Olive Oil

Olive oil comes in various grades, each suited for different cooking needs:


  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The highest quality, made from pure, cold-pressed olives, ideal for salads, dressings, and low-heat cooking.
  • Virgin Olive Oil: A slightly lower grade but still unrefined, suitable for cooking and baking.
  • Pure Olive Oil: A blend of refined and virgin olive oils, perfect for high-heat cooking and frying.
  • Pomace Olive Oil: Extracted from the residue of the olive fruit, it's an economical option for high-temperature cooking.


Benefits of Using Olive Oil

Olive oil is renowned for its health benefits:

  • Rich in Healthy Monounsaturated Fats: These fats are heart-healthy and beneficial for cholesterol levels.
  • Contains Antioxidants: These compounds fight inflammation and help protect your heart.
  • Beneficial for Skin and Hair: Olive oil is also used in various cosmetic products for its nourishing properties.


Famous Brands of Olive Oil in Pakistan

Several brands offer high-quality olive oil in Pakistan:

  • Borges
  • Rafael Salgado
  • Figaro
  • Leonardo
  • Pompeian

These brands are known for their quality and authenticity, catering to various culinary and health needs.


Olive Oil Price in Pakistan

Brand Type Price (PKR)
Borges Extra Virgin 1,200 for 500 ml
Rafael Salgado Virgin 1,100 for 500 ml
Figaro Pure 900 for 500 ml
Leonardo Extra Virgin 1,300 for 500 ml
Pompeian Pomace 800 for 500 ml


Where to Buy Olive Oil Online

Olive oil can be conveniently purchased online from Daraz.pk, Pakistan’s leading e-commerce platform. Daraz offers a wide range of olive oil from various brands, enabling customers to choose based on their preferences and needs. The platform's user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation and comparison of prices and product features. While the complete purchasing process is not outlined here, Daraz is known for its secure payment options, reliable delivery, and customer service.



Olive oil is an essential ingredient in modern Pakistani cooking, valued both for its health benefits and culinary versatility. With a range of types and brands available, consumers can choose an olive oil that suits their cooking style and health preferences. The availability of these products on platforms like Daraz.pk makes it easier for Pakistani households to access high-quality olive oil, blending traditional culinary practices with the convenience of modern shopping.


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