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Best Cottage Cheese in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the culinary landscape is rich with diverse flavors and ingredients, among which cheese has carved out its niche. Known for its mild flavor and versatility, cottage cheese is a staple in various traditional and modern Pakistani dishes. This guide explores the different types of cottage cheese available in Pakistan, their price range, and the convenience of buying them online.


Types of Cottage Cheese in Pakistan

Cottage cheese in Pakistan comes in several varieties, each suited to different culinary uses:


  • Regular Cottage Cheese: This is the most common type, characterized by its slightly creamy texture and mild flavor. It's used in both savory and sweet dishes.
  • Low-Fat Cottage Cheese: Catering to health-conscious consumers, this variety has reduced fat content while maintaining the essential flavors.
  • Flavored Cottage Cheese: Some brands offer cottage cheese with added herbs and spices, catering to those who prefer a more seasoned taste.
  • Organic Cottage Cheese: Made from the milk of organically raised cows, this type is gaining popularity among those who prefer organic dairy products.

Each type offers unique characteristics, making cottage cheese a versatile ingredient in the Pakistani kitchen.


Cottage Cheese Price in Pakistan

The price of cottage cheese in Pakistan varies based on type, brand, and quality. Generally, prices range from PKR 200 to PKR 500 per kilogram. Organic and specialty varieties may be priced higher due to their quality and production methods. It's important to note that these prices can fluctuate based on market conditions and availability.


Where to Buy Cottage Cheese Online

For those looking to buy cottage cheese in Pakistan, online shopping offers a convenient and efficient solution. Daraz, one of Pakistan's leading e-commerce platforms, provides a vast selection of cottage cheese from various brands.



Cottage cheese is a versatile and beloved dairy product in Pakistan, appreciated for its taste and adaptability in various cuisines. From regular to organic varieties, there's a type for every preference and dietary need. With the ease of online platforms like Daraz, accessing a wide range of cottage cheese varieties has never been more straightforward, ensuring that Pakistani consumers can enjoy this nutritious and delicious ingredient with minimal hassle.


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