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Corn Starch in Pakistan

What is Corn Starch?

Corn starch, a fine, powdery substance, is a staple ingredient in Pakistani kitchens and industries. Extracted from the endosperm of corn kernels, it is known for its neutral flavor and thickening properties. Corn starch is widely used in cooking for thickening sauces, gravies, and soups, and in baking for achieving a tender texture in cakes and pastries. Beyond culinary uses, it's also utilized in various industrial applications, such as in the manufacturing of biodegradable plastics and textiles.


Types of Corn Starch in Pakistan

Corn starch in Pakistan comes in various forms, catering to different needs:


  • Food-Grade Corn Starch: Primarily used in cooking and baking, known for its thickening properties.
  • Non-GMO Corn Starch: Made from non-genetically modified corn, preferred for its natural cultivation methods.
  • Industrial-Grade Corn Starch: Used in various industries for its binding and absorbent properties.
  • Modified Corn Starch: Chemically altered to improve its thickening efficiency and heat tolerance, used in specific culinary and industrial applications.


Corn Starch Price in Pakistan

Type of Corn Starch Price Range (PKR per 500g)
Food-Grade Corn Starch 100 - 150
Non-GMO Corn Starch 120 - 170
Industrial-Grade Corn Starch 90 - 140
Modified Corn Starch 110 - 160

Note: Prices may vary based on brand, quality, and market conditions.


Where to Buy Corn Starch Online

Daraz.pk is a prominent online marketplace in Pakistan for purchasing corn starch. The platform offers a diverse range of corn starch types from various brands and suppliers, suitable for both culinary and industrial uses. Customers can browse through the options, compare prices, read reviews, and make informed decisions. The process of purchasing on Daraz is convenient, with secure payment options and home delivery services. It is recommended to check the seller’s ratings and reviews to ensure the authenticity and quality of the corn starch.



Corn starch in Pakistan is an incredibly versatile product, essential in both households and industries. With its various types including food-grade, non-GMO, industrial-grade, and modified corn starch, it caters to a wide array of needs. The availability of corn starch on online platforms like Daraz has simplified the shopping experience, making it accessible to a broader audience. Whether used for thickening a delicious gravy or in manufacturing, corn starch remains a valuable commodity in Pakistan.


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