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Amla Powder in Pakistan

What is Amla Powder?

Amla powder, derived from the Indian Gooseberry, is a traditional and highly revered ingredient in Pakistan, known for its rich nutritional profile and versatile applications. This fine, green powder is made by drying and grinding amla fruit, which is native to India but also widely available in Pakistan. It's celebrated for its high vitamin C content, antioxidants, and numerous health benefits, including enhancing immunity, improving skin and hair health, and supporting digestive functions.


Types of Amla Powder in Pakistan

In Pakistan, amla powder is available in various forms, each catering to different health and beauty needs:


  • Organic Amla Powder: Made from organically grown amla fruits, free from pesticides and chemicals.
  • Ayurvedic Amla Powder: Often used in traditional medicine, this type is revered for its purity and medicinal properties.
  • Culinary Amla Powder: Specifically processed for cooking and culinary uses, often found in spice shops.
  • Cosmetic Amla Powder: Tailored for use in beauty products, such as hair masks and skin treatments.


Amla Powder Price in Pakistan

Type of Amla Powder Price Range (PKR per 100g)
Organic Amla Powder 150 - 250
Ayurvedic Amla Powder 200 - 300
Culinary Amla Powder 100 - 200
Cosmetic Amla Powder 150 - 250

Note: Prices may vary based on brand, quality, and market conditions.


Where to Buy Amla Powder Online

Daraz.pk is one of the leading online marketplaces in Pakistan for purchasing amla powder. The platform offers a wide selection of amla powder from different brands and suppliers, suitable for various uses. Customers can browse through the options, compare prices, read reviews, and choose the product that best suits their needs. The purchasing process on Daraz is user-friendly, with secure payment options and the convenience of home delivery. It's important to check the seller's ratings and reviews to ensure the quality and authenticity of the amla powder.



Amla powder in Pakistan serves as a vital component in health, culinary, and beauty regimes, cherished for its nutritional and medicinal properties. Its versatility in various forms - organic, ayurvedic, culinary, and cosmetic - caters to a broad spectrum of needs and preferences. The ease of purchasing amla powder online, especially through platforms like Daraz, has significantly enhanced its accessibility, making it a go-to natural ingredient for a healthier lifestyle in Pakistan.


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