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Buy Exhaust Fan at Best Prices on Installments in Pakistan

Exhaust fans are an essential part of any home. Whether they fan exhaust for the kitchen or the bathroom, they play an important role in making sure the room is properly ventilated. If you don’t install an exhaust fan in areas of your home where there are strong odors, you’ll struggle with lingering smells that you would much rather be rid of. The blades in an exhaust fan serve to pull stale, humid, or contaminated air from the room leaving cleaner air behind. It’s especially important in kitchens and bathrooms and serves the purpose of removing smoke and steam too. Industrial exhaust fans are used on a larger scale but serve the same purpose.

Exhaust Fan Price in Pakistan with Specifications

Exhaust fan price in Pakistan 2022 was about Rs. 1487 and they are more or less the same in 2022. However, different fans will have varying prices. So kitchen exhaust fan price in Pakistan will be different from exhaust fans in the bathroom. This is why Daraz is the perfect platform for you to check different prices offered by various sellers and brands. From exhauster for the kitchen to bathroom exhausts or industrial exhaust fans - you’ll find everything all in one place!

  • The Exhaust Fan Price In Pakistan Starts At Rs. 1,510 For A Basic Model.
  • Retail Price of Exhaust Fan in Pakistan is Rs. 1,510

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Diverse Payment Options for Your Exhaust Fan

Afraid of online shopping because you don’t want to use your credit card? The good thing about Daraz is that with thousands of sellers and millions of products to choose from, Daraz is a one-stop solution to buying what you need. With secure payment options ranging from cash on delivery, credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, and e-wallets you always have something that will suit your needs.

Easy 12 Months Installments Option for Exhaust Fan with No Interest!

Home appliances can be pricey purchases especially if you want to buy things in bulk. Then why not opt for Daraz EMI plans with no interest? You read that right! There is no interest rate for up to 12 months installment options from different Bank credit cards like HBL, MCB, Standard Chartered Bank, Silk Bank, etc. So no need to break the bank with your purchase - get what you want on installments and be at ease!

Buy Exhaust Fan Directly From Official Online Stores

Now get your Exhaust Fans directly from dMall stores where you are guaranteed and we ensure that all products are 100% genuine and available at the lowest prices. So why keep putting off what you need? Start online shopping now and get the best prices, discounts, bundle deals, and vouchers to make your purchase the best one yet!

Exhaust Fans The lowest price of Exhaust Fans in Pakistan is Rs. 1,510 and estimated average price is Rs. 2,845.
Exhaust Fans List Price
Exhaust fan 8"inch Metal Body - Copper Winding - Black Rs. 1,510
Exhaust fan 8" inch Metal Body - Copper Winding - Red Rs. 1,693
FEIDIAO Ventilating Exhaust Fan 8 inch (Automatic Gravity Shutter) Rs. 1,900
Airex Exhaust Fan - 10 Inch Size - Plastic Body (Wall Mount Ventilation Fan) Rs. 2,300
FEIDIAO 220V 8 inch Panel Fan (Cooling Fan) Rs. 2,800
FEIDIAO Slim and Stylish 6 inch Ventilation Exhaust Fan Rs. 3,000

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