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Sewing Machines Price in Pakistan

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Stitching Made Easier With the Right Sewing Machine 

Sewing Machine or a Silai Machine as called in Pakistan is a handy tool for stitching a fabric conveniently and flawlessly. These automatic cloth stitching machines allow us to open up our minds and be creative in our designing. Nobody minds a perfectly stitched outfit and it becomes a thousand times easier to stitch. Not just primary stitching, it helps in restitching and maintaining an outfit as well. A stitching machine works with two threads and one needle. Up and down and there you go a stitch is made. It is as simple as that! 

Why do you need a Sewing Machine?

Even a simple Stitching Machine does wonders in seaming a piece of cloth intricately. A sewing machine allows you to sew faster than hand sewing it. What is better than saving time in today’s world! It also allows sewing complicated and fancy stitches and can be used to sew heavy fabrics. A sewing machine is not just used for fabric, but it can also be used to stitch soft toys and other products. Not only does it save time, it saves cost too. A simple stitch at home can save the hassle and running cost of getting it done. Not to forget that it is a one time investment. You sow the seed and get to reap its fruits. 

Specifications of a Sewing Machine 

The specifications of a typical sewing machine may include a speed control, tension adjusters, robbin rewinder, and flexible wheel, each varying accordingly. It may have an easy drop-in bobbin or a bottom bobbin. A sewing machine may also include a compact foot pedal. The specifications may change depending upon the brand and type of sewing machine being sought. 

Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan 

The silai machine price in Pakistan varies from product to product and you can buy any one that fits your pockets and needs the best. You can buy a sewing machine from Singer Pakistan or Juki Pakistan. The Juki machine price in Pakistan is Rs. 11,900 whereas the Singer machine price in Pakistan is around Rs. 9299. The sewing machine by Brother may cost you around Rs. 26,999. The Salika sewing Machine may cost around Rs. 9299, same as the Singer Sewing machine. Different ranges of sewing machines depend upon the brand and the product offerings. 

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At Daraz you get the best sewing machines at the most feasible price that last longer and save you from a lot of hassle. At Daraz Mall you get authentic sewing machines with a 100% guarantee and a 14 days return policy too. Daraz allows you to purchase through a number of options such as Cash on Delivery, Debit/Credit Cards or Digital Wallets, making your shopping experience as simple as possible. You can also avail 12 months installments offer. Pay back through a no interest policy on your credit cards like HBL, Standard Chartered, Silk Bank and more.

Sewing Machine Price in Pakistan PKR
Singer Sewing Machine - SS-15 ND 11,899
Sewing Machine Brother JV1400 31,999
Singer Sewing Machine M-1155 24,599
Sewing Machine Brother JA1400 30,999
Singer Sewing Machine - ZZ-8280 23,999
Singer Sewing Machine - ZZ-2263 29,999