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CCTV is closed-circuit television. Surveillance cameras or spy cameras are used for security purposes. To avoid Theft, security cameras in Pakistan are a need now. Hidden camera price in Pakistan record a visual and sometimes audio transmission which can be supervised/seen on a computer screen connected to the spy cameras. If the camera is battery operated then it would be completely wireless, or in other cases one wire for battery is attached to the camera. Theses security cameras are usually hidden so that the thief can be caught red handed.

Wireless spy and pen cameras– adding more to the hidden camera family.

Wireless spy cameras are battery operated are a means of video/sound transmission. These cameras are used to secure your work and living place. Since they dint have a wire and are battery operated, there is no hassle to fix the camera.

Pen cameras are cameras in shape of a pen. Even though the camera looks like a pen to the other person, but then everything happening there is being reordered without the being in knowledge of the other person.

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