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Scissors & Cutters: Precision Tools for Every Task

Introduction to Scissors & Cutters

Whether you're a professional in need of reliable cutting tools or a DIY enthusiast looking to tackle various projects, having the right pair of scissors or cutters is essential. In this article, we'll explore the world of scissors and cutters, their diverse uses, and the top products you can find on to suit your cutting needs. Please note that the prices mentioned below are approximate and can vary based on availability and seller discounts.

The Versatile World of Cutting Tools

Scissors and cutters come in various shapes and sizes, each designed for specific tasks. From simple household scissors to specialized industrial cutters, these tools are indispensable in various fields, including crafting, sewing, cooking, gardening, and more.

The Key Types of Scissors & Cutters

Let's take a closer look at some of the primary types of scissors and cutters and their common uses:

  1. Household Scissors
    • Description: These are the go-to scissors for everyday tasks like cutting paper, opening packages, and performing small household repairs. They are typically versatile and come in various designs for comfort and ease of use.
  2. Kitchen Shears
    • Description: Kitchen shears are designed for culinary tasks, such as cutting poultry, herbs, and food packaging. They often have additional features like bottle openers and nutcrackers.
  3. Crafting Scissors
    • Description: Crafting scissors come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, tailored to specific crafting needs. They are ideal for cutting fabric, paper, and various craft materials with precision.
  4. Sewing Scissors
    • Description: Sewing scissors, also known as dressmaker's shears, are designed for cutting fabric. They have a longer blade and a handle that allows fabric to lay flat while cutting, ensuring clean and accurate cuts.
  5. Gardening Shears
    • Description: Gardening shears are essential for pruning and maintaining your garden. They come in various types, including pruning shears, hedge shears, and grass shears, each designed for specific tasks.
  6. Industrial Cutters
    • Description: Industrial cutters are heavy-duty tools used in manufacturing and construction. They can cut through tough materials like metal, plastic, and rubber, making them indispensable for professionals in these fields.

Top Scissors & Cutters on

Now that we have a better understanding of the various types of scissors and cutters, let's explore some top-quality products available on that cater to different needs. Please note that the prices mentioned below are approximate and can vary based on availability and seller discounts:

Household Scissors

Product Name Price (PKR)
Fiskars Household Scissors 300
Westcott All-Purpose Scissors 250
Maped Essential Scissors 200
Singer Universal Scissors 350

Kitchen Shears

Product Name Price (PKR)
Henckels Kitchen Shears 600
OXO Good Grips Kitchen Shears 500
Victorinox Kitchen Shears 550
Prestige Kitchen Shears 450

Crafting Scissors

Product Name Price (PKR)
Fiskars Craft Scissors 350
Dahle Crafting Scissors 300
Tonic Studios Precision Scissors 400
EK Tools Precision Scissors 320

Sewing Scissors

Product Name Price (PKR)
Gingher Dressmaker's Shears 750
Kai Dressmaking Scissors 600
SINGER ProSeries Dressmaker Scissors 680
Mundial Classic Forged Dressmaker Shears 650

Gardening Shears

Product Name Price (PKR)
Fiskars Pruning Shears 800
ARS Hedge Shears 950
Gardena Grass Shears 700
Felco Classic Pruner 900

Industrial Cutters

Product Name Price (PKR)
Stanley Heavy-Duty Cutter 1,200
DeWalt Metal Shears 1,500
Bosch Electric Cutter 1,800
Milwaukee Cordless Cutter 1,700

Maintenance and Care Tips

To ensure the longevity and performance of your scissors and cutters, it's essential to take proper care of them. Here are some maintenance tips to keep these tools sharp and functional:

  1. Clean After Use: Always clean your scissors or cutters after each use, especially if they come into contact with sticky or corrosive materials.
  2. Sharpen Regularly: Use a sharpening stone or tool-specific sharpener to maintain a sharp cutting edge. Dull blades can lead to frustration and less precise cuts.
  3. Store Properly: Store your cutting tools in a safe and dry place to prevent rust and damage. Use blade protectors or sheaths when possible.
  4. Oil the Joints: For scissors and shears, lubricate the pivot point with a drop of oil to ensure smooth movement.
  5. Handle with Care: Avoid using scissors or cutters on materials they are not designed for, as this can damage the blades.

In conclusion, scissors and cutters are versatile tools that find their place in various aspects of our lives. Whether you need a reliable pair of household scissors for everyday tasks or heavy-duty industrial cutters for professional work, choosing the right tool for the job is crucial. With a wide range of products available on, you can find the perfect scissors or cutters to suit your needs and make your cutting tasks a breeze. Remember to take good care of your cutting tools to keep them in excellent condition and ready for any task that comes your way.


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