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Kids Push & Pull Toys in Pakistan: Joy of Movement and Exploration


Daraz.pk proudly presents a delightful collection of Kids Push & Pull Toys that promises to ignite the spirit of adventure and curiosity in young minds. These toys are designed to provide children with endless hours of fun and play, while also nurturing their physical and cognitive development. From push cars and pull-along animals to friction-powered trucks, this category offers a diverse range of toys that encourage children to explore, move, and learn.


The Benefits of Push & Pull Toys


1. Promoting Physical Activity


Kids Push & Pull Toys are an excellent way to encourage physical activity and movement in children. Pushing and pulling these toys help strengthen muscles, improve balance, and develop coordination.


2. Boosting Imagination and Creativity


Push & Pull Toys come in various shapes and designs, from cute animals to colorful vehicles. These toys inspire imaginative play, allowing children to create their own adventures and stories.


3. Enhancing Cognitive Skills


As children engage with Push & Pull Toys, they learn about cause and effect. They understand that pushing or pulling the toy leads to movement, helping them develop cognitive and problem-solving skills.


4. Developing Social Skills


Children often enjoy playing with Push & Pull Toys in groups, encouraging social interaction and cooperation among peers. These toys facilitate teamwork and sharing, fostering valuable social skills.



Top Kids Push & Pull Toys


Product Name Price (PKR)
Little Star Mercedes Tolo Push Car For Kids Rs. 2,629
Pack of 3 Funny Crawling Baby Toy Rs. 399
NSW - Magic Slinky Spring Toy for Kids Rs. 69
Pack of 20 Mini Cars for Kids Rs. 755
Friction Car For Kids Rs. 125
Mini Animal Squishy Stress Relief Toys Rs. 260
Cartoon School Bus, Toy for Kids, Push & Pull Bus Rs. 549
POP It Fidget Toy -5 INCHES RAINBOW-Butterfly Rs. 195
Popits Pop Popping Pop Dino Bubble Fidget Sensory Toys Rs. 159
Chintu Mintu Thumbing Toys 3 characters piece in 1 Pack Rs. 150


Safety and Quality Assurance


At Daraz.pk, safety is of utmost importance. All Kids Push & Pull Toys available on the platform are sourced from reputable brands that adhere to strict safety standards. These toys are made from child-friendly materials and are free from harmful chemicals, ensuring a safe playtime for children.


Choosing the Perfect Push & Pull Toy


1. Age-Appropriate Toys


The "Recommended Age" section on each product helps parents select toys suitable for their child's age and developmental stage. It ensures that children enjoy toys that match their abilities and interests.


2. Colorful and Engaging Designs


Kids are naturally drawn to bright and colorful toys. The variety of designs available in this category ensures that children find toys that captivate their attention and fuel their imagination.


3. Durable and Long-Lasting


Push & Pull Toys on Daraz.pk are built to withstand the rough play of active kids. They are crafted with durability in mind, ensuring they last for a long time and provide lasting joy to children.


Convenience and Affordable Fun


Daraz.pk offers a hassle-free shopping experience for parents, making it convenient to browse, compare, and purchase Kids Push & Pull Toys online. With the cash on delivery option, parents can pay for their purchases upon delivery, adding to the convenience. Additionally, the affordable prices of these toys make them accessible to a wide range of customers.


Explore the World of Push & Pull Toys


1. Push Cars and Ride-Ons


Push cars and ride-ons allow children to take control of their adventures. These toys come with steering wheels and functional wheels, giving children a sense of independence and excitement.


2. Pull-Along Animals


Pull-along animals are perfect companions for children's journeys. Whether it's a waddling duck or a hopping bunny, these toys bring joy and companionship to kids as they explore the world together.


3. Friction-Powered Vehicles


Friction-powered vehicles are great for active play. Kids can push them back and release, and these toys zoom forward with speed, adding an element of excitement to playtime.


4. Pop Fidget Toys


Pop fidget toys are not only engaging but also provide sensory relief. Children can press the bubbles to make a popping sound, offering a satisfying sensory experience.




In conclusion, Kids Push & Pull Toys on Daraz.pk are the epitome of joy, movement, and exploration. These toys serve as valuable companions for children, encouraging physical activity, imaginative play, and cognitive development. With safety and quality assured, parents can confidently choose from a wide range of age-appropriate toys. The convenience of online shopping and affordable prices make these toys accessible to all. From push cars to pull-along animals, these toys provide endless fun and learning opportunities for young adventurers. Let your child embark on exciting journeys with these delightful Push & Pull Toys, and witness their smiles light up with pure joy!