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Shorter Cooking Times with Pressure Cookers in Pakistan! 

If you spend a good portion of your time standing in the kitchen waiting for meat and veggies to cook properly then say hello to pressure cookers! A lifesaver for cooks, this nifty gadget can cut cooking times by more than half giving you ample time to do other things in life instead of slave away in the heat! There are a number of different pressure cookers on the market but all of them provide the same kind of convenience and are especially useful if you live in areas that are higher in altitude where meats, lentils, and vegetables take longer to cook.

How Does a Pressure Cooker Work? 

Pressure cookers are designed to tenderize food in shorter time periods by using high pressure steam, employing water or a water-based cooking liquid in a pot that is sealed under pressure. The high pressure prevents boiling and allows for cooking temperatures above 100 degrees Celcius to be reached and therefore, cooks food much faster than if you used a traditional stove temperature. 

What is the Best Pressure Cooker in Pakistan? 

Small Pressure Cooker: As the name suggests, these are smaller pressure cookers great for people who don’t have to cook a lot of food. Using bigger pots might be useless especially if you’re only cooking for 1-2 people. These are the perfect size and will also be cheaper for you as a small pressure cooker price in Pakistan won’t be as much as its larger counterparts! 

Non Stick Pressure Cooker: If you’re used to non-stick pans and crockery, this is going to be perfect for you. These pressure cookers are made of non-stick material which limits the need to use oil while preventing sticking and burning at the bottom of your pan! Non stick pressure cooker price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 3,999.

Electric Pressure Cooker: If you’re somewhere that doesn’t get enough gas, then an electric pressure cooker is perfect for you. This will cook your food using electricity to power the machine and give you meals even on days when your stove refuses to turn on! Electric pressure cooker price in Pakistan are a little more expensive than regular stovetop pressure cookers but you can get them with great discounts using special promotions on Daraz! 

Instant Pot Cooker:  Instant pot is one of the imported pressure cookers in Pakistan and therefore, the instant pot price in Pakistan will also be hefty. But this product is able to do a lot more than just pressure cook! It can stew, heat up, simmer, boil, and do everything you’d want with just a few clicks of a button! 

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