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The All New Playstation 5 - Play Has No Limit! 

If you’re a die hard playstation fan, you will undoubtedly be stoked for the playstation 5 release date in Pakistan. It comes as the newest addition to the playstation family and promises an even better experience than before while still keeping all the salient features that made the earlier models so popular. If you’re looking for a seamless gaming experience with true to life graphics, HDR 8k support, and faster, smoother frames.

But it can be difficult to decide which console to opt for if you’re on a budget. The top contenders when trying to decide which console to buy are the ps4 and the new ps5. If you’re confused, read on for the Playstation 5 release date, features, playstation 5 price in Pakistan 2021, ps4 pro price in Pakistan and more to help you decide what to go for! 

Playstation 5 Price in Pakistan 

There’s a difference between the ps5 price in pakistan and the playstation 5 pro price in pakistan. Both are going to be more expensive than the ps4 price in Pakistan but well worth the extra budget. The Playstation 4 Price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 37,599 while the ps4 pro price in Pakistan is around Rs. 69,999.

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Here’s what the new console has to offer.

Lightning Speed
What’s the point of playing games if they’re slow and lagging? The good thing about the new ps5 is you get lightning fast speeds that take your gaming experience to another level! Get instant load times and enjoy the benefits of an integrated I/O which lets creators pull data from the SSD so quickly that designing games is like never before! 

4k TV Gaming and 8k Support 
The new console has truer to life graphics than before boasting 4k and 8k support as well as HDR compatibility. 

Backward Compatibility 
Upgrading your device doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the same games you loved on your PS4. You can now enjoy playing a back catalog of your ps4 games on your new console. 

VR Integration 
You can now enjoy VR compatibility for all games designed for VR on the Playstation to add a new dimension to the way you enjoy your gaming experiences. 

Some popular games that are going to make your time spent on the ps5 worthy are: Spiderman: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, Returnal, Sackboy a Big Adventure, Demon’s Souls, Destruction AllStars, Fifa 21, Horizon Forbidden West. 

Whether you’re into car games, sports games, action, adventure, role play, or strategy - the ps5 is going to have something to lose yourself in. And if you’re not big on buying new games, luckily you can still enjoy all the advanced tech of the new console while still playing older games you loved on your ps4!  

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