Soya Supreme Cooking Oil & Ghee in Pakistan

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Buy Soya Supreme Cooking Oil & Ghee in Pakistan

Soya Supreme, recognized for its high-quality cooking oils and ghee, is a prominent brand in the Pakistani market. It's a preferred choice for many households due to its commitment to health and flavor. This guide will provide insights into the various types of Soya Supreme cooking oils and ghee, their prices in Pakistan, and the ease of purchasing them online.


Types of Soya Supreme Cooking Oil & Ghee

Soya Supreme's range includes:


  • Soya Bean Oil: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and known for its versatile use in all types of cooking.
  • Sunflower Oil: High in vitamin E and favored for its light texture and health benefits.
  • Canola Oil: Ideal for health-conscious individuals due to its low saturated fat content.


For ghee, Soya Supreme offers:

  • Pure Desi Ghee: A traditional choice, known for its rich flavor and aroma.
  • Vegetable Ghee: A blend that maintains the essence of traditional ghee with a healthier profile.


Soya Supreme Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan

Type of Oil Quantity Price (PKR)
Soya Bean Oil 1 Liter 340
Sunflower Oil 1 Liter 360
Canola Oil 1 Liter 350


Soya Supreme Ghee Price in Pakistan

Type of Ghee Quantity Price (PKR)
Pure Desi Ghee 1 Kg 870
Vegetable Ghee 1 Kg 820


Where to Buy Soya Supreme Cooking Oil & Ghee Online

Consumers looking for convenience can purchase Soya Supreme cooking oil and ghee online through, one of Pakistan's most popular e-commerce platforms. Daraz offers a wide range of Soya Supreme products, allowing customers to choose according to their specific needs and preferences. The platform is user-friendly, facilitating easy comparison of prices and features. While the full purchasing process is not described here, Daraz is noted for its secure shopping environment, reliable delivery, and excellent customer service.



Soya Supreme stands out in the Pakistani culinary scene for its quality, variety, and commitment to health. Whether for everyday cooking or special dishes, Soya Supreme offers an oil or ghee that suits every need and preference. The availability of these products on online platforms like brings the perfect blend of tradition and convenience to Pakistani kitchens, making it easier for households to enjoy quality cooking essentials. With Soya Supreme, every meal can be both delicious and healthy.


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