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Mezan Cooking Oil Price In Pakistan -

Mezan cooking oil prices in Pakistan is Rs. 580 & in USD it is $2.81 and the average price of Mezan cooking oil in Pakistan is Rs. 649. You can now buy your favorite cooing ingredients on Daraz at 0% EMI for 12 months, get more discount on our online shopping app. So what you are waiting for? Buy now from Daraz Pakistan.

Mezan Cooking Oil In Pakistan At Discounted Rates

Now you can get all kinds of Mezan cooking oil from sun flower to conola and more cooking oil price list in pakistan with lowest rates only on Daraz. You can find complete list of Mezan cooking oil in pakistan at monthly grocery budget friendly rates. Daraz offers you best and lowest price of Mezan cooking oil in Pakistan 2022 with easy payment method with including cash on delivery at your doorstep. So, order now form Daraz to experience hassel free shopping experience.

Mezan Cooking Oil Price List Looking for Mezan Cooking Oil price in Pakistan? Buy Mezan Cooking Oil directly from official dealer. Latest price of Mezan Cooking Oil is 580 Rupees (PKR) at daraz.
Top sellers pick Mezan Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan
Mezan 1 Ltr pouch Rs. 580
Mezan 3 Ltr Bottle Canola Rs. 1,719
3 Ltr Bottle Olivola Rs. 1,829
MEZAN Cooking Oil 100 Percent Naturally Sourced 4.5 Liters Rs. 2,480
Mezan 1x5 Kg Ghee Carton Rs. 2,700
Mezan Canola Oil 1x5 Ltr Carton Rs. 2,995
Mezan Cooking Oil 1x5 Ltr Carton Rs. 2,995
Mezan 5 Ltr Bottle Canola oil essential for healthy bones and strong muscles Rs. 3,045
Mezan Olivola Oil - 1 Ltr - Pack of 5 Pouches Rs. 3,099

Get the Best Mezan cooking oil price in Pakistan

Mezan has been manufacturing cooking oil since the 1950's and it came into existence with the purpose of providing the cooking that adults and children can easily digest without getting any heaviness on their chest that could lead to heart issues. Mezen keeps on experimenting with their cooking oil range to come up with the product that has the maximum health benefits, enhances the food taste and keeps the Mezan oil price affordable for the majority of the audience in Pakistan.

Mezan oil has managed to establish a strong position in Pakistan and possess a huge market share in the cooking oil industry. Its loyal consumer does not prefer any other cooking once Mezan oil suits their diet. Locally, Mezan oil is available in every major retail store and supermarket in Pakistan but audiences have some reservations about getting Mezan oil online due to concerns of overpricing and getting authentic oil.

To resolve this issue, Daraz now has an official Mezan flagship where you can get the authentic product directly from an authorized distributor and get the best Mezan cooking oil price in Pakistan today.

Get All Mezan Cooking Oil Online from

Mezan has introduced several different cooking oil product lines to cater the different needs of consumers such as increased metabolism, low bad fats and vitamin rich oil. Here are some of the major cooking oil that Mezan is offering in Pakistan

Mezan Canola Oil

The rising high cholesterol issue in Pakistan is the major health concern and the first thing doctors suggest to tackle is to get on an oil free diet. For a foodie Pakistani, it is not an option. To resolve this matter, Mezan introduced its canola oil that keeps the food taste intact and offers numerous health benefits. It is completely cholesterol free cooking oil that contains Omega 3 and 6, vitamin A, D and E, anti-oxidants, and lowest rate of saturated fat. These nutritional elements help in keeping the cholesterol level normal, reduce the chances of heart diseases, slow down the aging process, and strengthen the metabolism. Daraz offers this oil in every size and packaging, and you can find the best Mezan canola oil price in Pakistan on its flagship store.

Mezan Sunflower Oil

This cooking oil of Mezan is extracted from sunflower seeds that have a special low-absorbs property that might not be found in any kind of cooking oil. This means when you consume food prepared in Mezan Sunflower Oil, the food does not absorb oil and keeps it light and oil-free. This cooking oil is extremely vital in strengthening the immune system, boosting metabolism, and helps in DNA repair and functioning.

Mezan Olive Oil

No one can deny the health benefits of olive cooking oil. Mezan olive oil is extracted from organic olives that possess every benefit that you can get from olive. This oil is rich in monounsaturated fat that is highly essential in reducing inflammation and reduces the genes that are linked to cancer. Moreover, Mezan olive oil contains a high number of antioxidants and ample amounts of vitamins K and E that are extremely beneficial in reducing the cholesterol level, lessen the risk of chronic disease and heart issues. Mezan flagship store in Daraz offers this oil in abundance and you can get the best Mezan olive oil price in Pakistan here.

Get Mezan Olivola – The Mixture of Olive and Canola Oil

Since olive and canola both have premium properties that are highly beneficial for health. Mezan introduced a new brand Olivola to add the benefits of both elements in one single cooking oil. Olivola is the new sensation in cooking oil and surely a breakthrough that offers its consumers the ultimate health while enjoying their favorite food in exactly the same taste.

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