Al Rachid Olive Oil in Pakistan

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Al Rachid Olive Oil in Pakistan

Al Rachid Olive Oil, emerging as a notable brand in Pakistan's culinary market, offers a blend of quality and authenticity. This comprehensive guide will delve into the specifics of Al Rachid Olive Oil, its pricing in Pakistan, and how to purchase it online.


What is Al Rachid Olive Oil?

Al Rachid Olive Oil is a brand that specializes in producing high-quality olive oil. Originating from regions known for their olive cultivation, Al Rachid offers olive oil that is celebrated for its rich taste, aroma, and nutritional benefits. The brand typically provides extra virgin olive oil, known for its purity, unrefined quality, and healthful properties, making it a preferred choice for cooking, dressing, and marinades.


Al Rachid Olive Oil Price in Pakistan

The price of Al Rachid Olive Oil in Pakistan varies based on the type and quantity. Here is a table representing the current prices:


Type of Al Rachid Olive Oil Quantity Price (PKR)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250 ml 850
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml 1,600
Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 Liter 3,000


Where to Buy Al Rachid Olive Oil Online

Al Rachid Olive Oil can be conveniently purchased online in Pakistan from, a leading e-commerce platform. Daraz offers a range of Al Rachid Olive Oil products, allowing customers to choose based on their preferences. The website provides a user-friendly interface for easy comparison of prices and product specifications, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. While the full purchasing process is not detailed here, Daraz is known for its secure transactions, reliable delivery, and customer service.



Al Rachid Olive Oil stands out in the Pakistani market for its commitment to quality and authenticity. Its availability on online platforms like makes it easily accessible, combining the rich tradition of olive oil with the convenience of modern shopping. Whether used for cooking, as a salad dressing, or for health purposes, Al Rachid Olive Oil adds a touch of Mediterranean excellence to any culinary creation.


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