Best Cooking Oil & Ghee in Pakistan

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Cooking Oil & Ghee in Pakistan

Cooking Oil Vs Ghee in Pakistan

In the culinary landscape of Pakistan, two staple fats hold a place of prominence: cooking oil and ghee. Both are essential in Pakistani cuisine but serve different purposes and possess unique characteristics. Cooking oil, often derived from plants like sunflower, canola, or soybean, is known for its light texture and high smoking point, making it ideal for frying and sautéing. Ghee, on the other hand, is a form of clarified butter rich in flavor and aroma, commonly used in traditional dishes for its ability to enhance taste and add a rich texture.


Types of Cooking Oil & Ghee

Pakistan's market is diverse when it comes to the types of cooking oil and ghee. Cooking oils include sunflower oil, canola oil, and olive oil, each known for its distinct flavors and health benefits. Ghee types range from cow ghee, known for its rich, creamy taste, to buffalo ghee, which is heavier and more aromatic.


Benefits of Using Cooking Oil & Ghee

Cooking oil and ghee are not just cooking mediums but also contribute to health when used in moderation. Cooking oils are generally rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, promoting heart health and skin health. Ghee is a source of fat-soluble vitamins and healthy fats, known for improving digestion and strengthening the immune system.


Famous Brands of Cooking Oil & Ghee in Pakistan

Pakistan boasts a variety of brands known for their quality cooking oil and ghee. Some of the famous brands include Dalda, Sufi, Habib, and Mezan. Each brand offers a range of products catering to different cooking needs and health preferences.


Cooking Oil Price in Pakistan

Brand Type of Oil Price per Liter (PKR)
Dalda         Sunflower Oil         350
Sufi Canola Oil 330
Mezan Olive Oil 500
Habib Soybean Oil 320


Ghee Price in Pakistan

Brand Type of Ghee Price per Kg (PKR)
Dalda Cow Ghee 800
Sufi Buffalo Ghee 850
Habib Mixed Ghee 780
Mezan Pure Ghee 820


Where to Buy Cooking Oil & Ghee Online

For convenient shopping, consumers in Pakistan can turn to Daraz, an online marketplace, to purchase cooking oil and ghee. Daraz offers a wide range of products from various brands, ensuring quality and competitive pricing. While the full purchasing process is straightforward on the platform, consumers can enjoy the ease of browsing, comparing prices, and having their preferred cooking fats delivered to their doorstep.



In conclusion, cooking oil and ghee are integral to Pakistani cuisine, each offering unique flavors and health benefits. With a variety of types and brands available, consumers can choose according to their culinary needs and health preferences. Platforms like Daraz make it easier to access these essentials, ensuring convenience and quality for Pakistani households.


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