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Hewlett Packard, more commonly known as HP, is one of the world's largest electronics producing companies. They are known to provide a number of products that work well for individual and business uses. Most of the items belong to the hardware category but there are additional software support products available as well.

The range of HP Notebook in Pakistan are quite popular due to their extended range of features along with the sleek looks they have to offer. Different models have been created which suit the needs of various people. Daraz is offering you a wide range of HP Notebooks to choose from. Along with the variety, you can find different ranges of the HP Notebook price in Pakistan at Daraz as well.

Features to keep in Mind

When you are to buy HP Notebook online, you should keep the different features in mind. Each one of the features affects your choice of product along with the final result that it will provide. Along with this, the more features you add or if you are going with the high-tech options, then the HP Notebook price will increase as well.

Operating System

The Operating system present inside the HP Notebooks is the first and foremost thing you need to consider. You have the option of going with the new Windows 10 which offers you the latest and highly flexible working options. There is the option of choosing Windows 8 which a number of people are currently using or go with the traditional Windows 7 if you are accustomed to it.


The Processor in the HP notebook in Pakistan provides stability along with efficiency to the user of the laptop. Intel Processors are the most commonly used processors present inside the HP Notebooks and the options for these include Intel Core i3, Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7. Other options of processors include AMD, Celeron and Pentium.

Memory and Storage

The choice of the memory and storage is completely your choice. The memory options start from 2 GB and go up to 16 GB and for external storage options, you have the range of 128 GB going up to 2 TB which is considered to be a great amount of space.

Form Factors

The form factor refers to the style and the type of the HP Notebook that you want to buy. There are three types manufactured by the brand and each one has its own look. The screen sizes begin at 11 inches and go up to 16 inches.

The Traditional notebook is the everyday and average one we see. It has a lid that is opened when it is being used and closed when the user wants.

The convertible and the detachable laptops have rotating screens that are flipped to turn them into a tablet. You can also detach the screen when needed.

The last style is of the tablet one which has an external keyboard attached to it. You can easily take off the keyboard and use this laptop in the tablet style if you want.