How to pay via SCB - Net Banking

1) Note your Order Number

Once you have placed your order, please note your order number, which will be used for future reference.

2) Login to your SCB Account

Open this link: SCB Net Banking and Login to your SCB Account

If you are a returning customer of SCB Internet Banking and have added to the Beneficiary List, please skip to step 4.

3) Add to Beneficiary list

Add to Beneficiary List.
If you have already added as your beneficiary then please move on to step 4

a) Select "Transfers"

Select "Transfers"

b) Select “Local Transfers” and “Add Beneficiary”

Select “Local Transfers” and “Add Beneficiary”

c) Enter Information

Enter the following information:

Beneficiary Type: “Local SCB Beneficiary”
Beneficiary Account Number: “01528115601”
Beneficiary’s Nickname: “Daraz pk”
Email Address: [email protected]
Check – Email Beneficiary when a transfer is made.

d) Confirmation

Confirm the information Entered.

e) Enter OTP and Emailed PIN

Enter One Time Password and Emailed PIN

SCB will send you an SMS which contains the 6 digit One time Password (OTP).
SCB will also email you a PIN.
Please enter these into the OTP and Email PIN code.

This is an extra security measure to make sure that only you are adding to the beneficiary’s list.

f) Successful Registration!

Congratulations Daraz pk has been added to your beneficiary’s list.

Now you can pay easily.

4) Make a payment to

Make a payment to

a) Select "Transfer"

Select “Transfers” and “Local Transfers”
- Transfer to

b) Enter Information

Enter the following information:

Transfer From: Your SCB Account number from dropdown list
Transfer Amount: Enter the exact order amount (Your order will not be shipped if you do not make full payment)
Transfer Reference: Enter your order number
Select “Next”

c) Confirm Payment

Please check that you have entered the correct information and click Confirm