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There must have been countless occasions where your gadgets have died on you due to low battery at the most inopportune time. Whether you are in the middle of an important call, capturing a moment or you need your device to listen to songs, nothing is more frustrating than being left helpless as your device shuts down.

Fret no more, the advent of technology has brought forward a portable charger for your portable devices. A Power Bank allows you to store electrical energy in it so that you can charge other devices from it later. If your device is charged via a USB, then a Power Bank is a must-have gadget for you; purely on the basis of its functionality and convenience.

Types of Power Banks

As there are numerous devices out there with different functions and usage, a power bank charger also varies in terms of its output. A mobile power bank in the 7100 - 10000+ mAH range can store more power so that a device can be charged multiple times. These can be used to charge bigger devices such as tablets or the high end phones that consume a lot of battery.

The mid-level 3100 - 7000 mAH can be considered an ideal range for a power bank for mobile whereas the lower 1100 - 3000 mAH versions are smaller in size and ideal when you just need to get only enough charge to get through the next few hours.

Additional Features

When you are looking for a mobile power bank, you do not only look at its capacity but also the different shapes, color and sizes. Choose from the classical rectangle shape to the more unique cylindrical shape. Stay classy with white and black or be funkier with more bold colors such as green and red. At, you will be spoilt for choice.

Furthermore, there are versions available with LCD display that shows the charge available on the mobile power bank, dual USB ports so that 2 devices can be charged at the same time, LED light, etc.

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At, you will find a large collection of power banks in various prices. Get the best power bank for you as per your need. Browse by brand, color, capacity, compatibility and connection while being assured that you are getting the best power bank price in Pakistan.