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Looking for 2018's Samsung LED TV Prices in Pakistan?


Apart from the smartphones, a television is the most commonly available scientific innovation. This has been the best source of information and entertainment since a long time. With the advancement in technology, TV has been upgraded in features and functions. To provide worthwhile experience of watching TV in the viewers, the TV manufacturers have introduced the LED technology into these devices for better image quality. Samsung is a renowned name in the world of electronics. It is a reliable brand when it comes to buying TVs.


You can buy a Samsung led tv online from Daraz where the latest variety of TVs are available in a single click. The style and design of these Led TVs are modernist and innovative. These TVs are quite durable and made of high quality materials. We have reduced Samsung LED TV price at Daraz so that these are accessible to a large number of our loving customers in Pakistan. Furthermore, you can also find the other 2018's LED TV Prices here if you are looking for something other than Samsung's LED.

, Order your Favorite Samsung LED TV now! ,

Samsung continues to manufacture TVs with varying features and technology. When you buy a Samsung LED TV, you must look through different categories to narrow down your search for your required TV. Here are some of the basic filters you must go through.

, Technology: Select the technology offered within your TV. The type of technology includes 4K SUHD TVs, 4K UHD TVs, Full HD TVs, and HD TVs.,
, Series: This depicts the advancement of the TV. The latest the series of TV selected, the more advanced features and design it will contain. Samsung offers 9 Series, 8 Series, 7 Series, 6 Series, and 5 Series.,
, Screen size: When buying a TV, this must be a key feature. It is based on the place and purpose for buying a TV. Screen size of Samsung LED TVs include 19" - 29", 32" - 39", 40" - 43", 46" - 51", 52" - 59", 60" - 65", and Over 65". ,
, Price range: The decision to buy a certain type of TV is based on your affordability and budget. Samsung offers TVs with different price range to accommodate the customers. These include Under Rs80000, Rs80000 - Rs150000, Rs150000 - Rs250000, and over Rs250000.,
, Factors for buying LED TVs ,

We all know that LED technology produces sharp digital images with balanced colour richness and ensure low power consumption. Here are some of the important features that you should consider when buying an LED TV.

, Smart TV: Having a Smart Tv feature in your TV ensures more than just watching satellite programs. , Smart TVs are equipped with internet connectivity including web browsing, using app stores of any OS, mostly Android, etc. This enables you to do online streaming of music, movies, and games. ,
, Design: There are flat TVs with that have flat panels and there are curved TVs with curved panels. Whichever the design, the screen size is variable, for example, buying a Samsung 32 inch LED TV or Samsung 40 inch LED TV with any screen panel. ,
, Connectivity: An advanced LED TV offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so that the TV is compatible with other devices such as , laptops, , smartphones, etc.