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Looking for 2018's LG LED TV Price in Pakistan?


Televisions are the central pieces of all our lounges. They have become a part of our lives and the source of entertainment for our houses. The latest technology has made immense advancements in picture quality of televisions. The latest TVs are loaded with extra features and HD display. And with the newest advancements in technology taking place every day, the models keep on lowering their prices. So high definition technology is now affordable for more and more people. LG is a renowned name in the technology industry. It makes state of the art home appliances for its customers.


2018's LG LED TVs are no exception. They are sleek in design and carry all the features of the newest technology in the market. They can easily be bought online through Daraz. The website offers a range of models from the company and also offers competitive LG LED TV prices with top-notch quality.

, Size Matters ,

Apart from the picture quality, the size is the most important attribute to look for while buying a television. You need to check the size of the area where you plan to place the TV. Only then can you decide which size to buy. TVs usually range from 26 inches and go as big as 80 inches. The LG 42 inch LED TV is very well received among the masses. Most people prefer this size as the ideal size for televisions. It has a premium HD display with added features like usb connectivity and power saving options. For people who want the complete cinematic experience, screens bigger than 50 inches are advised. For people looking to buy a television for their rooms or offices, the LG 32 inch LED TV would suffice.

, Brightness and Color ,

The colors determine the whole TV viewing experience because they translate the picture quality. LEDs emit colors through light emitting diodes which through light perpendicularly, giving viewers bright and punchy pictures. The latest LED TVs provide incredibly vibrant images with high contrasts so that viewers don’t miss any details. The HD display enables viewers to take advantage of the bright power stream and enjoy their favorite shows or movies on TV.

, Smart Features ,

With the advent of smart TVs into the market, more and more people are desiring newer options in televisions. TVs now have Wi-Fi connectivity and social media website access. But for those who cannot afford smart TVs, there are other smart features in TVs as well. Most LED TVs have usb connectivity ports which let you view the contents of your usb on the big screen. They also have hdmi ports that let you connect to your laptop and do mirror imaging on the television screen.


The number of ports present on the television is important because the higher the number, the more options you have to access. The sound ports should also be more than 3 because home theatres usually require two ports and it’s always better to have a spare port to access any of your additional sound cords like for gaming consoles or stereo systems. LG TVs provide all these features with innovative and sleek designs.

, Buy LG's Latest 2018 LED TV at Daraz.pk,

You can find the latest LG LED TV from 2018 at Daraz.pk in reasonable prices, if you are looking for something other than LG then you can also check Samsung LED prices here or browse the complete range of 2018's LED TVs here, Daraz.pk assures you the best prices with company's warranty, and all the addons.