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Kids Doll Accessories: Adding Magic to Playtime

Kids Doll Accessories: Adding Magic to Playtime

The Joy of Doll Accessories

  • Creativity: They encourage children to use their imagination and storytelling skills as they create scenarios for their dolls.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Accessories often involve tiny pieces, which help improve children's fine motor skills as they handle and arrange them.
  • Role-Playing: Children learn empathy and social skills by role-playing with their dolls, imitating real-life situations.
  • Customization: Accessories allow kids to personalize their dolls' worlds, reflecting their own interests and preferences.

Top Kids Doll Accessories on

Product Price (PKR)
Doll Wardrobe with Hangers
Price: 1,499 PKR
The Doll Wardrobe with Hangers allows kids to organize and display their doll's outfits, fostering a sense of responsibility and tidiness.
Doll Tea Set with Miniature Cups
Price: 999 PKR
The Doll Tea Set includes tiny cups and saucers, perfect for hosting tea parties with dolls and friends.
Dollhouse Furniture Set
Price: 2,299 PKR
The Dollhouse Furniture Set includes miniature furniture pieces for various rooms, allowing kids to design and decorate their doll's home.
Doll Hair Care Kit
Price: 799 PKR
The Doll Hair Care Kit includes brushes and styling tools, encouraging kids to groom and style their doll's hair.
Doll Camping Adventure Set
Price: 1,799 PKR
The Doll Camping Adventure Set includes camping accessories like tents and campfire gear, inspiring outdoor adventures for dolls and kids.


Kids doll accessories add a delightful dimension to playtime, encouraging creativity, fine motor skills, and social development. offers a wide range of kids doll accessories, including the top picks mentioned above, to enhance your child's doll play experience. Whether your child loves fashion with a doll wardrobe, enjoys tea parties with miniature cups, dreams of interior decorating with dollhouse furniture, takes on hairstyling with a doll hair care kit, or embarks on outdoor adventures with a camping set, there's a world of possibilities waiting for them. Choose the accessories that align with your child's interests and watch as their imagination soars, bringing their dolls to life in captivating scenarios. With these top-quality kids doll accessories, playtime becomes a source of endless joy and learning for your child and their beloved dolls.

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