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Enjoy Fresh Juices Every Morning with a Juicer Machine 

Fresh juices are such a treat to have all year round, especially as an accompaniment to breakfast or as a pick me up at any time of the day. With fresh fruits and vegetables in season all year round, one of the healthiest and yummiest ways to get all the benefits of different nutrients they have to offer is to juice them. Buying fresh fruit juices can get really expensive though and who has the time to keep ordering and going out every time a craving hits? This is why spending on a juicer machine price in Pakistan is a great investment for future deliciousness! You get veggie and fruit juices right in the comfort of your home - whenever you want! Customize the flavor to your heart’s content and enjoy! 

Types of Juicer Blender in Pakistan 

USB Rechargeable Juice Blender: The first kind of juicer is portable and easy to carry on the go. Add cubed fruits and vegetables and blend into juice easily. However, if you have tougher fruits or bigger chunks it may be harder to break it down. But a great plus point is that these mini juicer machine prices in Pakistan are much less than the bulkier models so if you’re on a budget, this is a great option! 

Manual Juicer: Manual juicers work really well with juicy fruits like oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, peaches, and lemons. It’s harder if you have ingredients like apples or carrots as they are not easily pressed and will require a more sophisticated machine.

3-in-1 Juicer and Grinder: If you’re a huge juice fan and willing to splurge on a heavier juicer machine price then getting a 3-in-1 juicer and grinder is going to be a great investment. These machines are capable of breaking down hard fruits and veggies like apples, guava, carrots, and beetroot to give more diverse options for juice flavors.

Citrus Juicer: These are a kind of manual juicer however, they’re bigger and can juice with less hassle. These work with citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tangerines, and madarains. 

Get the Best Juicer Price in Pakistan with Daraz 

Juicer blender price in Pakistan starts at Rs. 840. Though the price will really depend on the price, brand, and model you’re going for. However, the average juicer machine price in Pakistan 2021 is around Rs. 1,500. If you want to buy on a budget, Daraz is the best place to look because not only do they already have the best prices in the market but they also offer a ton of different promotions and discounts that eventually slash your overall bill significantly. From bank promotions, payment promotions, voucher codes, bundle deals and more - you’re going to get a great deal for sure!

Why Choose Daraz Online Shopping

Daraz isn’t just the largest e-commerce platform in Pakistan - it’s also the most fun! You get to interact with sellers and other buyers before you even buy anything. Getting a good idea of what you’re ordering through ratings and reviews is just the beginning of how Daraz makes your experience faster and more interactive. Here are a few other reasons why Daraz is a great choice for online shoppers! 

Multiple Payment Options 
Pay for your products however you see fit from cash on delivery when you receive your product to pre-payment through digital wallets and credit/debit cards. No matter what method you prefer, Daraz is sure to have it! 

Easy Monthly Installment Plans 
Can’t afford to buy the products you love in one go? Don’t worry! Now you can get interest free monthly installment plans for up to 12 months with your credit card from HBL, SilkBank, Standard Chartered, and Bank Alfalah! 

DarazMall Official Stores
Forget worrying about the originality of your products with DarazMall because when you purchase from official stores on Daraz, you get a 100% guarantee of authenticity! 

So why the wait? Order away today! 

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