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    Ever since the invention of computers, games have been a major part of it. Whether you played the built-in pc games or installed advanced ones, there is a wide variety of games to choose from. The modern games have cutting-edge graphics and state-of-the-art features. There are different types of computer games that buyers can purchase. Gamers can play games on their desktop computers or laptops. You may require additional accessories for your computer to enjoy the game to the fullest. Daraz offers shoppers with a massive collection of games at reasonable prices. There are a number of discount deals offered here that reduce the pc games price in Pakistan. Whichever games you select to purchase will be delivered to you anywhere in Pakistan with a cash on delivery option.

    Types of PC Games

    When purchasing games, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. First consider the different types of games you can select from. There are different genres of computer games that include the following;

  • Action: Games that emphasize on physical challenges requiring good eye-hand coordination and motorized skills are known as action games. These usually center on one player who takes control of most of the action. There are a number of popular action games that players can purchase and play with gamers all over the world.
  • Adventure: These were one of the oldest games created and played since the beginning. These usually revolve around a player who has to unlock different types of worlds. The player is on a quest in which the gamer is required to solve puzzles, interact with several people and environments.
  • Strategy: These games focus on skillful thinking and planning to achieve certain goals. These maybe few of the hardest games to play but are fun. There are different players who interact with one another.
  • Sports: Perhaps the most popular type of games in the world are sporting games. These include a number of racing games, sports games and so on forth. Football, basketball, car racing and other games fall into this category.
  • Role playing: These are games that require maneuvering different characters through a world. There will be challenges like overcoming monsters, unlocking certain game locations and so on forth.
  • Action-adventure: These games mix action and adventure together to create the perfect game. There are different levels of these games and focus on one or multiple characters.
  • Popular games

    There are a number of popular games which gamers can select. A number of sporting games like Fifa and NFL are quite popular. When it comes to adventure games, popular games like king's quest and walking dead are enjoyed. Other games played by people all over the world include; counter strike, The Sims, civilization, battlefield, age of empires, Minecraft and so on forth. One can easily select the games they need online at Daraz. Just make sure that the games are compatible with the device you are using. As the latest version might not work properly on your computer or laptop.