The iPhone Mania

The minute you start using iPhone 6s your life will change as you might have never felt anything like it before. A single touch will do much more for you than ever, as it brings you the 3D Touch for the very first time. Live Photos bring your memories to you adding more life into them. This is just a fine beginning, let’s take a deeper look and explore all the new features that 6s has in store for you!

The next level Multi-Touch – 3D Touch

The new amazing multi-touch introduced to the world by iPhone will change the way people experience technology. With the 3D Touch, all the things that were impossible before have been made possible. It senses how deeply the display of your iPhone is pressed, allowing you do all kinds of important things right away. Furthermore, it provides you with real-time feedback in the form of subtle taps from the all-new Taptic Engine.

Ever-Lasting Memories

The world’s best and the most popular camera is all set to make you look great on screen. The 12 megapixels iSight camera not only captures crispy images but you’ll be amazed to see the details it provides you with. It takes brilliant 4K video which is up to four times the resolution of 1080p HD video. For selfie lovers, iPhone brings you a 5 megapixels FaceTime camera with an HD lens. Not only this, iPhone brings you Live Photos, which is a completely new way to relive your memories and go down the memory lane whenever you want to!

The most advanced smartphone chip ever – A9

If you really want to know what A9 is capable of, then you should use iPhone 6s right away. The custom-designed 64 bit A9 chip delivers you the performance that can only be found in the desktop computers. You can experience up to 70% faster CPU speed and up to 90% faster GPU performance allowing you to play your favourite graphics-intensive games and heavy apps.

Secure it with you fingertip

For user who are always concerned about securing their phone, Apple’s highly advanced fingerprint sensor allows you to secure your phone with your fingertip. The Touch ID makes unlocking your phone much easier and secure than ever before.

Faster LTE, Speedy Wi‑Fi.

Like all the other features to be praised, iPhone 6s features LTE Advanced with speeds up to two times as fast as all the previous iPhone generations. Supporting more LTE bands this phone will let you experience the speed that you might have never experienced before with any other phone. Moreover, the amazing Wi-Fi speed allows you to perform all the essential updates that too on the speed twice as fast, too.