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What is an Instant Camera?

A camera that uses a self-developing film to chemically develop pictures within a short period of time after taking the picture. As the camera has evolved over the course of time since it first came on the scene, instant cameras gave way to the digital cameras, DSLRs etc. However, for many, instant cameras retain that sense of nostalgia and have continued to exist despite facing stiff competition from the more technical cameras.

How is an Instant Camera different from other Cameras?

Instant camera, as the name suggests, develops the film instantly so you do not have to wait long to hold your picture in your hands whereas with the traditional camera you have to send the film rolls to be developed and with the digital camera you have to transfer them to a computer first.

Furthermore, the pictures taken with an instant camera have a different look about them. These effects are one of the reasons people buy this camera. The fuzzy and retro look is iconic and that is why many photo-editing applications try to replicate that via filters. The photos are developed on the white block that acts as the perfect frame for your memories.

Develop Your Moments with

As technology progressed, it became increasingly hard to get your hands on an instant camera. However, due to a resurgence of the instant cameras in recent years, instant cameras were able to avoid being obsolete and it is now possible to even get it online. As such, brings to you an extensive collection of the best instant cameras online in Pakistan. With different colors and different specifications, your fancy camera is just a click away.

If instant memories are not enough to tempt you, action cameras are available that can be used to capture the action as it happens. Wear the sunglasses camera to record point-of-view videos of events as they happen or carry a compact camera capable of recording you in the act.

Worth Your Time

Like any other gadget, any savvy buyer would like to their research before purchasing the item. When the gadget is as niche as the instant camera, it is only logical that you try to be aware of its prices, amongst other things. So what are you waiting for? Roll back the clock with instant cameras and have those images in your hands within minutes.