Domex Toilet Cleaners in Pakistan

Domex, a renowned brand in the realm of cleaning products, has made a significant mark in Pakistan with its range of toilet cleaners. Known for their powerful disinfecting properties and effectiveness in combating germs and stains, Domex toilet cleaners have become a staple in many Pakistani households. This guide delves into the types of Domex toilet cleaners available in Pakistan, their pricing, and how to conveniently purchase them online.


Types of Domex Toilet Cleaners in Pakistan

  • Domex Ultra Thick Bleach: A potent formula designed to kill germs and remove tough stains.
  • Domex Fresh & Clean Toilet Cleaner: Infused with fragrance, this cleaner not only cleans but also leaves a refreshing scent.
  • Domex Lime Fresh Toilet Cleaner: Specifically formulated to tackle hard water stains and leave a lime fresh fragrance.
  • Domex 2 in 1 Phenolic Cleaner: A versatile product that can be used for both toilet cleaning and general disinfection.

Each of these products is formulated with unique cleaning agents, ensuring efficiency in maintaining toilet hygiene and cleanliness.


Domex Toilet Cleaners Price in Pakistan

While I don't have specific pricing data, the price range for Domex toilet cleaners in Pakistan is generally as follows:

  • Smaller bottles (up to 500ml): Approximately PKR 150 - PKR 300
  • Larger bottles (1 liter and above): Around PKR 300 - PKR 600

These prices are indicative and may vary based on retailer, location, and promotional offers.


Where to Buy Domex Toilet Cleaners Online

For convenience and a wide selection, Domex toilet cleaners can be easily purchased online in Pakistan, with being a popular choice. Daraz offers a comprehensive range of Domex products, allowing consumers to choose from different types and sizes based on their needs.


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