Dettol Household Cleaners in Pakistan

Dettol is a brand synonymous with cleanliness and hygiene worldwide, and in Pakistan, it has become a household name for cleaning products. Dettol's range of household cleaners is known for its effectiveness in killing germs and providing a clean, hygienic environment. This guide explores the various Dettol household cleaners available in Pakistan, their price range, and where to buy them online.


Types of Dettol Household Cleaners in Pakistan

  • Dettol Antiseptic Liquid: A versatile product that can be used for personal hygiene as well as for cleaning surfaces.
  • Dettol Surface Cleaner: Formulated for cleaning hard surfaces, it kills germs and leaves surfaces safe and clean.
  • Dettol Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Suitable for a variety of surfaces and known for its powerful cleaning action.
  • Dettol Bathroom Cleaner: Specifically designed to tackle bathroom grime and soap scum.
  • Dettol Kitchen Cleaner: Made to effectively clean kitchen surfaces and remove grease.

These products are formulated to ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene, making them popular choices in Pakistani households.


Dettol Household Cleaners Price in Pakistan

While specific prices can vary depending on the retailer and size of the product, a general price range for Dettol household cleaners in Pakistan is as follows:

  • Smaller packs (500ml or less): Approximately PKR 200 - PKR 400
  • Larger packs (1 liter or more): Around PKR 400 - PKR 800

Please note that these prices are indicative and may differ based on various factors like location, retailer, and ongoing discounts.


Where to Buy Dettol Household Cleaners Online

Dettol household cleaners are widely available online, with being a convenient option for many consumers in Pakistan. Daraz offers a broad selection of Dettol products, often at competitive prices.


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