Hospital Beds Price in Pakistan

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Rs. 679
Rs. 1,100-38%
Rs. 10,000
Installment available
Rs. 99,000
Rs. 105,000-6%
Rs. 150,000
Rs. 170,000-12%

Time to be Smart – Smart Watches Online in Pakistan at

Gone are the days when watches were used to just tell the time. With the improvements in technology, Smart Watches have come to the fore and now you have the world on your wrist.

What is a Smart Watch?

A smartwatch is a computerized watch with an electronic display. The initial versions of the smartwatch performed basic functions such as calculations and games, however, over the course of time, technology has evolved to make it possible for you to wear an affordable smart watch that can do so much more.

What are the Different Functions that my Smartwatch can perform?

A smart watch with SIM card support would allow you to send and receive text messages and calls so you are always connected even if you do not have your phone. In this day and age, where you have the luxury to capture or record any moment, smartwatches with camera are at your disposal to allow you to conveniently capture an image or a video.

A GSM smart watch and one with GPS technology allows you to track your loved one's whereabouts so that you can rest easy knowing that they are safe. Such smartwatches come with SOS functionality to send emergency messages and locations should the need arise.

A Bluetooth smart watch incorporates the usefulness of Bluetooth technology to allow you to seamlessly connect to other devices such as smart phones, wireless headphones, computers etc so that you can send or receive files. A Wi-Fi smartwatch would allow you connect to the internet wherever the Wi-Fi is available so you can receive notifications of e-mails and other important messages over the internet.

Smart watches with a memory card slot are available so that you can carry your music, videos or files on your wrist, to be used whenever and however you need them to be. A standard smartwatch nowadays will incorporate most, if not all of these features to give you a bang for your buck.

Different Brands and Different Designs

At, you will find a huge collection at different smart watches prices for men and women to match your style. From square-shaped digital interface to the more classic round-faced strapped watches, from bracelets to LED watches; you will be spoilt for choice. Look trendy while having the latest in technology.


You can get Android smartwatches that make use of the Android Wear to bring to you the full functionality of the Android platform on your wrist. With a large number of brands opting for Android, you will get some of the best smart watches on the market. The Huawei Watch is an exquisite gadget to own.

Apple IOS:

Likewise, iOS smartwatches are an equally worth investment to make when it comes to this category. The Apple Watch Series 2 is an example of a redefined watchOS 3 that brings together a smooth operating system in an elegant and functional smartwatch.

Save Time with

At, you will find smart watches price in Pakistan that will be hard to match anywhere else. Given the wide range of watches available, a smartwatch price is there to match any budget. Browse through our smart watch category and find the one that is the right fit for you and your needs. Get one for yourself or your loved ones to make their lives that much easier. Get one for your child so that you can always the peace of mind of knowing exactly where they are and be in touch with them throughout the day.