Fashion Obsessed

They walk as if on a runway, talk as if on television and enact an entrance and exit to any place as a celebrated public figure. This person surely is ‘High’ maintenance. When nothing may seem good enough for someone who has everything, always remember the basics. Tantalizing perfumes, fashion apparel or luxurious leather is a good start for the fashion obsessed.

Tech Junkie

As the term suggests this person has eyes for technology! Oops…let’s rephrase. Other than you this person has eyes for technology. From phones, speakers, play-stations and I-pods to just about anything that requires a plug and socket. They are somewhat lovable nerds that will go gaga for such items.

Artsy One

The art lover is all for ‘artistic’ elements that maybe found in paintings, furniture, fixtures or organizers. Yes these guys are all about ‘order’ and covering their space with creativity and skill. While vibrant, over-the-top items may not work well with everyone, going for classy yet creative gifts would be well appreciated.

Fitness Freak

The ‘Fitness Freak’ AKA the gym-rats, yogis, aerobic enthusiasts, joggers, power-walkers and 40 day challengers you name it. These people are high on life and their work-out regimes are closely watched so getting them fitness gear, machinery (if your budget allows) food or water containers etc.