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Walk the Talk with a Walkie Talkie!

I am sure most of us have grown up walking with a walkie talkie, pretending to be part of some mission. Well, many of us didn’t grow out of it. Many of us would love to carry it around, and use it for some purpose. Old School people, who are not ready to let go of these walkie talkies, would love to bring them back into fashion. Well we have got you sorted out. Here is a guide of how to walk the talk with a handy walkie talkie. Walkie Talkies are cool little gadgets that are portable and quick in communication. Using a walkie talkie becomes cooler when you know the right lingo which makes it fun and exciting. 

What is the difference between a UHF and VHF radio?

Before you shop for a walkie talkie, it is essential to know the difference between Ultra High Frequency (UHF) and Very High Frequency (VHF). This will help you in choosing the better set of walkie talkies and use the right one for the right job! UHF radio waves are strong enough to penetrate brick  walls and steel which makes it the perfect fit for indoor-outdoor communications. Whereas, VHF radio waves aren’t as strong to penetrate through obstacles. If you intend to use them outdoors, in an open land without any obstructions, then VHF radio walkie talkies are ideal for you! Hope this sorts out a confusion as to which one to go for. 

Walkie Talkie price in Pakistan

Walkie Talkies come with a number of specifications with price varying according to the features and size modification. Walkie Talkie price in Pakistan varies around from Rs. 250 to Rs. 15,000. These include walkie talkie for kids and go upto advanced multi-purpose walkie talkie for adults. You get to choose the right walkie talkie for your needs at Daraz, one that fits your pockets too without having to worry about compromising upon the quality. At Daraz, on average a walkie talkie set for kids costs around Rs. 800 whereas a typical water-resistant walkie talkie for adults may cost around Rs. 2500 to 450. So before you resist buying a walkie talkie because it costs a few bucks, check out the reasonable options available on Daraz. 

Get yourself a walkie talkie from Daraz right away!

All your needs are met with exceeding expectations at Daraz. So if you are worried about where to grab the best walkie talkie, Daraz is your place. Each product has a list of detailed specifications and features available under it, which give you an idea of what to expect in it. Since buying a walkie talkie might bring in a bit of confusion specially for the indecisive ones, you get to contact the seller and ask relatable questions. Still worried about whether to rely on the seller or not? Daraz provides seller ratings, response rate and shipment time rate. This way you get the idea of how well the seller performs and how soon the shipment is delivered. So head over Daraz without wasting a minute and buy your favourite walkie talkie. Over and over out!