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Sanitary Towels- Remain Hygienic  

A women should have a pack of sanitary pads with her at all times, especially if she is outdoors and is expecting her menstruation in the coming days. On the other hand, young girls that are about to have their period for the first time, sanitary towels are a must have. These will save you from all the hassle of staining your clothes and can be used up to 4 hours depending on the absorbent factor of the sanitary pads and the amount of flow. There are various brands available in the market that offer sanitary towels in different sizes, shapes and thickness, depending on the preference of women for different days and the level of flow. It is advised to have regular pads with wings if it is your first time so that it stays in place and absorbs the blood for three to four hours. Find period pads at best price online at Daraz.pk.  

Keep Yourself Clean and Healthy  

You must choose the size of your sanitary pad depending on whether it is your second or third day and the flow. Go for shorter pads if you are having a regular flow that is the third day of your period. Whereas, for the first and second when the flow is more than regular, go for a longer and thicker pad. According to expert advice, scented pads are not safe, especially for those women that have just had their delivery or have sensitive skin. You must keep that area clean and fresh always, especially during your period as this the time when women are most prone to infections.   

Types of Sanitary Towels  

There are various types of sanitary napkins available that women can choose according to their preference. Let's have a look at these. Slim pads allows all the fluid to be quickly absorbed and stays away from your skin. These are very thin and ideal for the last days of your period. On the other hand, night sanitary napkins, as the name suggests are great for night time usage. These give you breathable protection and are perfect for days when heavy flow is expected. These are longer and more absorbent when compared to other pads.

Buy Sanitary Towels Online

It is important to monitor the absorbency of your pad every few hours so that you know when you need to change it. So pick the pad that fulfills your needs and from a brand that you prefer. The most preferred brand is Always sanitary napkins for women. Buy women's sanitary towels online in Pakistan at Daraz.pk at affordable prices.