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Fans Price in Pakistan: Stay Cool and Comfortable

As the scorching summers approach, staying cool and comfortable becomes a top priority. Fans are a necessity in every household and office, offering a cost-effective and efficient solution to beat the heat. In this article, we will explore the different types of fans available, their features, and some of the top fan products available on


Types of Fans and Their Features


1. Ceiling Fan Ceiling fans are the most common type of fans found in homes and offices. They are mounted on the ceiling and provide widespread air circulation. Modern ceiling fans come with various features, including remote control operation, adjustable speed settings, and energy-efficient motors.


2. Wall Fan Wall fans are mounted on the wall and are ideal for rooms with limited floor space. They offer targeted airflow and can be tilted to direct the air in a specific direction. Wall fans are commonly used in kitchens, workshops, and small rooms.


3. Pedestal Fan Pedestal fans are floor-standing fans that provide adjustable height and oscillating features. They are easy to move around and are suitable for larger spaces like living rooms and offices. Some pedestal fans also come with built-in timers and remote controls for added convenience.


4. Table/Desk Fan Table fans, also known as desk fans, are compact and portable. They are perfect for personal cooling and can be placed on tables, desks, or any flat surface. Table fans are commonly used in bedrooms, study rooms, and office cubicles.


5. Floor Fan Floor fans are powerful fans designed to deliver a strong airflow. They are often used in industrial settings, workshops, and gyms where higher air circulation is required. Floor fans are larger and heavier than other types of fans.


6. Tower Fan Tower fans are sleek and space-saving fans that offer a modern look. They come with a tall tower-like design and provide a 90-degree oscillation for even air distribution. Tower fans are perfect for bedrooms and small living spaces.


7. Handheld Fan Handheld fans are small, portable fans that you can carry in your hand. They are battery-operated and are great for personal cooling on the go. Handheld fans are perfect for outdoor activities and travel. 8. Exhaust Fan


Exhaust fans are installed in bathrooms and kitchens to remove odors, moisture, and smoke. They help in maintaining good ventilation and prevent the buildup of condensation and mold.


Top Fans Products on


Here are some of the top fan products available on along with their prices in PKR:


Fan Name

Price (PKR)

Sufi Fans SUFI Ceiling Fan


Sogo Rechargeable Telescopic Foldable Fan


Desk Fan High Velocity Electric Fan


Sogo Portable Rechargeable Table Fan


SOGO Rechargeable FAN With LED Ring Light


Sufi Fan Ceiling 56'' Economy Model


Sogo Rechargeable Table/Desk Fan


FEIDIAO Mini Misting Hand Fan


Khurshid Fans Tricon Model AC - DC Inverter Fan


Super Asia Ceiling Fan Smart Antique AC-DC




Pak Pedestal Fan 24 Inch Myga Copper Winding


Pak fan Deluxe Air Max High-speed Ceiling Fan


New Pocket Folding USB Mini Fans Portable


SOGO Rechargeable Desk/Table USB Portable Fan


DGSenpi Hanging Neck Fan Cute Pet Style


Sogo Rechargeable Table Fan




Fans are indispensable appliances that keep us cool and comfortable during hot summer days. From ceiling fans to portable handheld fans, there is a wide range of options available on to cater to different needs and preferences. Whether you need a powerful floor fan for your workshop or a compact table fan for your study room, has got you covered. Explore the collection and find the perfect fans to beat the heat and stay comfortable throughout the summer season.


Note: The content provided here highlights the importance of fans and their various types, along with a selection of top fan products available on The article aims to guide readers in making informed choices when purchasing fans for their homes or offices.