Badi Eid Badi Saving!

Eid is a festive occasion for Muslims all over the world. Eid ul Adha, commonly known as Bari Eid in Pakistan is celebrated with great fervor. The main part of this Eid is having BBQ parties and enjoying a variety of scrumptious food. So start the preparations for Bari Eid by shopping from among a great collection at Daraz. This year, celebrate your Bari Eid with Daraz and get amazing discounts on your favourite items. Eid ul Adha sale is upto 60% at Daraz so avail this opportunity now and get your hands full of a variety of items as well as gifts for your loved ones to share the happy moments with them.

Deals and discounts offered at Daraz
Eid ul Adha 2016 is just around the corner so get your cooking equipment ready to cook amazing food. Daraz offers special discounts on cooking appliances like BBQ grill, kebab skewers, meat mincers, etc. You can also buy refrigerators and freezers at affordable rates to store in the sacrificial meat. You can enjoy eating beef and mutton in different styles by buying kitchen utensils for making steaks, kebabs, lamb roast, etc. For your convenience, you can also buy roti makers, choppers, microwave ovens to reduce your workload in the kitchen. So instead of spending the whole day in the kitchen preparing meals, women can enjoy Eid and spend the time with their family.

Apart from kitchen equipment, Eid ul Adha deals are also offered on a wide range of personal items including cosmetics, fragrances, gadgets, etc. These attractive deals are to make the customers more joyful. Enjoy saving big time on Eid and have a quality time with your family and friends. Happy Bari Eid to all Daraz customers in advance!