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Step 1: Register for your Easypaisa Mobile Account (instructions given below)

Step 2: Deposit money into your Easypaisa Mobile Account (instructions given below)

Step 3: Shop on Daraz during Mobile Week (3rd -9th July 2018) and spend over Rs. 5,000 using your Easypaisa Mobile Account.

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How to register for an Easypaisa Mobile Account via Easypaisa App

For Telenor Users

Simply dial *786# on your biometric verified number to create your mobile account. You can go to any Easypaisa shop to transfer cash in your mobile account. Or you can even transfer funds from your bank account using online banking services to your mobile account.

For other Mobile number users

Other Mobile number users can download Easypaisa App from http://onelink.to/3ybcau from Play Store and open their Easypaisa accounts; once account is activated they can pay via App once payment is initiated.

How can OMO (other Mobile Operator) customers pay via their Easypaisa account?

OMO customers will receive a payment notification on their app, payment can be processed via that option within 60 seconds for the payment to be completed.

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How to deposit money into your Easypaisa Account

Via any Easypaisa provider

Deposit money in your Easypaisa account by visiting your nearest shop that provides Easypaisa service.

Via your bank’s online portal

  1. Log into your bank’s online portal
  2. Add yourself as a beneficiary using your Easypaisa Account details
  3. Choose Tameer Bank as the beneficiary bank
  4. Enter your Easypaisa Number (Phone number) in place of your bank account number
  5. The system will then display the title and your name
  6. Click submit
  7. Save and/or submit your Easypaisa Account details

Via your bank’s ATM machine

  1. Visit your bank’s ATM machine
  2. Select Fund Transfer followed by Interbank Fund Transfer
  3. Select the account to send funds from
  4. Select Tameer bank as the destination bank
  5. Enter your Easypaisa account number (phone number)
  6. Enter the amount
  7. Confirm the details and click submit

How to shop with mobile account?

  1. Make sure your mobile account is sufficiently credited
  2. During the payment process, select Pay with Easypaisa Mobile Account
  3. Input your mobile account details and confirm your payment by entering the 5 digits mobile account PIN from confirmation text message that you will get on your mobile phone
  4. You will receive a confirmation SMS and email

    Please Note:
    - Telenor customers can accept the transaction via SMS or the Easypaisa Mobile Account application. In case of the Easypaisa Mobile Account Application make sure to pay within 60 seconds of clicking the "Pay Securely" button.
    - Non Telenor customers can accept the transaction only through the Easypaisa Mobile Account Application. In case of the Easypaisa Mobile Account Application make sure to pay within 60 seconds of clicking the "Pay Securely" button.

My Easypaisa mobile account was declined, what should I do?

If your Easypaisa Mobile Account payment was declined, check to see:

  1. The mobile phone number you entered on Daraz is the mobile phone number associated to your Easypaisa mobile account
  2. You reached your mobile account transaction limits. Easypaisa limits your Mobile Account expenses to Rs 50,000 per day. Call 3737 for Telenor users (111-345-100 for non-Telenor users) to enhance this limit
  3. Your mobile account is sufficiently credited. Click here to find out how to add more credit

If you’re still having problems with your payment, you can also try these steps:

  1. Changing your payment method at checkout. Daraz also offers payment via Cash on Delivery, Easypaisa Credit/Debit Card, Easypaisa Shop, Bank transfers
  2. Calling 3737 for Telenor users or 111-345-100 for non-Telenor users