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Buy Canon DSLR cameras online via Daraz

There are moments in life that you want to capture to relive them again and again. Whether it's your graduation, your wedding, or your baby's first steps, you store these priceless moments in your cameras. Though smartphones are used as an alternative to cameras for taking pictures, DSLR cameras have their own importance. Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, you can improve your photography skills and get quality images through a Canon dslr camera which has extensive functions and features.

You can also buy Canon dslr online from Daraz where a wide range of cameras are available for a variety of customers. Canon is a reliable brand that manufactures high quality and durable cameras. Canon dslr camera price at Daraz is quite affordable and available at different price range, based on the model of the camera.

Best canon DSLR cameras available at Daraz

A canon DSLR camera is the top choice for anyone who wants to become a pro or is simply an enthusiast. Nothing can go wrong with Canon cameras. Based on their performance, here are some of the best Canon cameras that are available at Daraz.

Canon EOS 7D Mark II

The interchangeable camera lens present in this camera is better than in any other camera till date. The exterior of the camera has rubberized grip and is made of quality build. It has an advanced autofocus system and an extensive control that only a top-class camera can offer. It can shoot 1080/60p video and has a burst speed of 10fps. The camera also offers full manual control.

Canon EOS-1D X

This camera has superb performance and is versatile. It has an excellent video capability. It offers full-frame image sensor to give you quality images. The shooting speed is 12fps and the camera has exceptional autofocus and control. The camera has a LCD touchscreen and customizable buttons for control and settings. This is the best Canon dslr camera for shooting stills and videos.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

The camera is best to shoot at a nasty speed. It has an improved autofocus and the video performance of the camera has substantial upgrades done to it. The camera shoots faster and provides a better control to the photographer. It also contains wide range of stills and video applications. It has enhanced usability features such as control mode, etc.

Canon EOS 80D

This camera has advanced APS-C sensors for better image quality. It also contains a headphone jack, dual pixel autofocus, etc. to provide the photographers a solid video/still shooting hybrid experience. You can also do 4K shooting with this camera. It has a splendid user interface and offers a variety of ports.

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