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Buy the Most Reliable Computers in Pakistan

Technology is ever evolving. With the shift from desktop computers to laptops, companies want to make sure their employees use the best of things for greater efficiency. Even though laptops have practically taken over, in reality desktop computers have a number of benefits over laptops. Desktops have a combination of power, durability and flexibility that give them an edge over the laptops. They are the best in terms of day to day operations. Desktops give you an old school professionalism which is lacking in a laptop. You sit properly in front of a desktop and get the work done rather than carrying a laptop and losing the flow. Let’s not forget how important a gaming PC is for hardcore gamers. 

Why Choose Desktops over Laptops?

These desktops have a number of benefits that make laptops seem just an external addition. One of them is that desktops are more powerful than laptops. Due to a faster processor they tend to run smoother and quicker. Secondly, desktops have a full size part that work far more efficiently than a built in system which ends up compromising upon the functionality. Desktops are easier to cool down and have a lesser chance of mechanical failure. This makes them durable and last long. Laptops wear down easily due to constant moving and are more susceptible to damage, whereas desktops are mostly protected from physical wear. And not to forget, since desktops last long they are more cost-effective than laptops. Who doesn’t like saving some money!

Computer Specifications That you Need to Know

While you are at it, keep in mind a few things before opting for a pc. Firstly, have a look at the product’s dimensions. Make sure it matches your expectations and needs. Then have a look at the processor core and speed. A processor is an integral part of a pc and essential in carrying out the task. Then check out the capacity which includes the RAM size and the Hard Drive Size. Last but not the least, check if the operating system is up to date or not. Being familiar with the specifications helps you in making the right choice while looking for a computer.

Computer Price in Pakistan PKR
i-Life Zed PC II All in One - 17.3 FHD Touch Display - Intel® Celeron 48,999
Core i5 3470 Gaming PC - Processor Upto 3.60 GHz - 3rd Generation 25,500
i-Life Zed PC All in One - 17.3 TouchScreen Portable AIO 48,999
OptiPlex 790 Gaming PC Core i5-2400 Upto 3.4GHz 8GB DDR3 RAM 27,499
OptiPlex 755 Tower Gaming PC Core 2 Due 8GB RAM 500GB Hard free 17,199