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  • For further information on how to make a purchase & pricing, please call 0304-1830941 or 0308-0625651
  • For price negotiation, please call us or use our Instant Messaging feature to place an offer.
  • To visit Daraz Mandi, location : Sohrab Goth Gaye Mandi VVIP plot 2 Gate 1.

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Daraz Brings You Karachi Cow Mandis and Bakra Mandis Online!

Bakra eid is just around the corner and this is the time when you’ll likely be on the hunt for the perfect qurbani animal. While trips to the cow and bakra mandi can be fun, they can also be a hassle. This is why Daraz brings you cow mandis and bakra mandis to your doorstep with Daraz Mandi!

What is Daraz Mandi?

Browse Animals Online Based on Your Budget

Goat prices and cow prices in Karachi start from Rs.70,000 to Rs.1,000,000. Browse eid ul adha qurani animals of your preference online in Pakistan and bargain with the cow and bakra sellers via the Instant Messaging feature on

Get Discounts on the Animals You Buy

From Daraz special discounts to vouchers, you can be sure that there will be great discounts available for the qurbani bakras (goats) or cows (bulls) you buy this eid ul adha 2019!

Free Delivery All Over Karachi Sohrab Goth Cow mandi

Daraz Mandi is located in Sohrab Goth Gaye Mandi VVIP plot 2, Gate 1. You can visit the Karachi maweshi (maveshi) mandi and see your qurbani cow (bull) or goat (bakra) in person before you make a purchase. Once you’ve made a purchase, make your pre-payment on Daraz or pay in cash at the Sohrab Goth Cow Mandi in person. Your chosen qurbani animal will be delivered to you free of cost!

What Qurbani Cow (Bull) Breeds are Available at Daraz Maweshi (maveshi) Mandi? Cow Mandi has a number of Cows (bulls) available for sale in Karachi, Pakistan. Here are just a few:

  • Sahiwal Cows (Bulls)
  • Indian Cows (Bulls)
  • Brahman Cows (Bulls)
  • Red sindhi Cows (Bulls)
  • Cholistani Cows (Bulls)
  • Achai Cows (Bulls)
  • Jersey Cows (Bulls)
  • Australian Cows (Bulls)
  • Holstein/Friesian Cows (Bulls)s (Bulls)
  • Holland Cows (Bulls)
  • Olx Cows (Bulls)
  • Imported Cows (Bulls)s (Bulls)
  • Dhani White Cows (Bulls)
  • Bull (Cows) Aando
  • Bull (Cows) Khassi
  • Bull (Cows) Ravi

What Qurbani Goats (Bakras) Breeds are Available at Daraz Maweshi (maveshi) Mandi? Bakra Mandi has a number of Goats (Bakras) available for sale in Karachi, Pakistan. Here are just a few:

  • Kamori Goat (Bakra)
  • Teddy Goat (Bakra)
  • beetal Goat (Bakra)
  • Nachi Goat (Bakra)
  • Saanen Goat (Bakra)
  • Jamnapari Goat (Bakra)
  • Pygmy Goat (Bakra)
  • Angora Goat (Bakra)
  • Alpine Goat (Bakra)
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goat (Bakra)
  • Rajanpuri Goat (Bakra)
  • Gulabi Goat (Bakra)
  • Olx Goat (Bakra)
  • Boer Goat (Bakra)
  • Khassi Goat (Bakra)
  • Andu (Ando) Goat (Bakra)

Daraz Mandi is a great for making online qurbani in Pakistan this Eid ul Adha 2019 by buying your Qurbani cows (bulls) or Goats (Bakras) easier regardless of whether you prefer to buy bakra’s online or in a more traditional way by visiting the mandi in person. Make your bakra eid qurbani easier than ever with this year and we promise you’ll keep coming back. is giving you a unique chance to grab blessings by helping the poor and needy people of our Pakistani society by sharing your qurbani hissa with them in these two ways: