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Daraz Qurbani Donations: Meat One Qurbani 2019

Performing your eid ul adha qurbani is only part of your obligation as a Muslim. The other half of this holy sacrifice involves ensuring that the meat is evenly distributed amongst those in need. If you want to ensure that your cow qurbani hissa or goat qurbani hissa is given to those genuinely in need, then make your eid easier with Meat One Qurbani!

The steps to sharing your qurbani hissa with the needy are simple.

  1. Choose a qurbani package that suits you best – goat, cow, or a share of a collective cow qurbani.
  2. Pay online through Daraz using a number of prepaid options.
  3. Once you’ve paid Meat One will perform the shariah compliant qurbani on your behalf and distribute the meat between Binte Fatima and Sirat Ul Jannah.

Where Will Meat One Share Your Qurbani Hissas?

Meat One will share your qurbani meat with two NGO’s;

  1. Sirat-ul-Jannah: this is an orphanage that provides orphans an environment that they can call home. Currently, there are 120 orphans in residence.
  2. Bint-e-Fatima: this NGO aims to provide support, security, and health care to senior citizens and gender-based violence survivors in Karachi.

Make your contribution count with Daraz!