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Donate Your Fitra & Zakat in Ramadan 2022 with Daraz

If you’re struggling to find ways to donate your zakat meaningfully, Daraz has a solution for you! While donating money to individuals who are in need around us is admirable in itself, sometimes you just want to make a difference in a way that is larger than yourself. This is why donating to charities and NGO’s is a great way to utilize your zakat money. In this Ramzan 2022, Daraz has partnered with a number of reliable charity organizations across sectors so you can choose to support a cause that will make society just a little bit better for others.

Why Choose Daraz to Pay Zakat in 2022 Ramadan?

While you can choose to give Islamic charity (zakat) in Ramadan through a number of channels, donating your zakat online in Pakistan can be an easy but just as reliable method to give back to society. Here’s how online zakat donations through Daraz.pk make a difference.

Donate Zakat to Trusted Charity Organizations

Because zakat cannot be given to everyone, you want to be extra careful that when you give this form of Islamic charity, it meets the criteria. Daraz works with trusted charitable organizations such as the Edhi Foundation, The Citizens Foundation, and Saylani Welfare Trust among a whole host of other Pakistani charities. Now, every time you donate zakat online, you know that your money is going towards people who are eligible for zakat donations and genuinely deserve your help during this holy month of Ramadan.

Support a Variety of Charitable Causes

The wonderful thing about zakat is that you don’t have to donate it all to one cause. Because of how zakat is calculated, you have different amounts for different assets. This means you have separate values for zakat on gold, property, land, and cash. With so much money accumulated to be put towards zakat charity, you might want to donate to more than one cause. Daraz gives you the chance to give to charity organizations that work towards education, health, hunger, and shelter.

Donate Zakat & Fitra to Charity Organizations Through a Single Platform

Let’s face it – life is incredibly busy and anything that can take time and effort is something to be appreciated. If you’re someone who wants to donate your zakat charity to more than one cause, it may mean having to go through different websites for charity foundations that cover the causes you’re interested in. Instead of going through the hassle of reaching out to charity organizations separately, you can now easily donate zakat to multiple charity foundations in one go through Daraz zakat donation and charity platform present online. This makes giving zakat much more convenient and time-efficient while still making the impact you want!

Zakat & Donations Price List Looking for Zakat & Donations price in Pakistan? Now you can give Zakat Donations directly to Pakistan's NGO's. Latest give away Zakar Donations as low as 1,000 Rupees (PKR) at daraz.
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Donate Your Zakat for SIUT Patients - Rs. 1,000 Rs. 1,000
Donate your Zakat to serve Thalassemia Children Rs. 1,350
Alkhidmat Foundation General Zakat Rs. 2,000
Donate your Zakat / Sadaqah / Donation to Pink Ribbon Hospital Rs. 2,200 Rs. 2,200
Alkhidmat Foundation General Zakat Rs. 3,000
Appeal for Zakat / Sadaqah / Donation to Pink Ribbon Hospital Rs. 4,200 Rs. 4,200
Donate - General Zakat Rs. 5,000
Alkhidmat Foundation General Zakat Rs. 5,000
General Zakat Donation of Rs. 5000 to Shaukat Khanum Rs. 5,000
Edhi Foundation - General Zakat Rs. 5000 Rs. 5,000
Donate Food Package/Ration for Covid-19 Response - Shifa Foundation Rs. 8,550
Sponsor Eye Surgery for Deserving Patients - Shifa Foundation Rs. 16,500

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