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Charitable donations for specific causes that you care about or even general donations does not only benefit the charities themselves, but it can also be highly rewarding for you as well. A number of people in our society give charities on a regular basis to support causes they believe in, as well as for the wellness of the society.

Donate to Shelter

There are a number of people who are homeless and do not have a roof to sleep under. Donate for shelter helps you contribute some amount of money to provide shelter to the homeless.

Donate to Healthcare

Health expenses are the most expensive and there are a number of people who cannot afford to pay their health expenses on their own. By donating for this cause, we can help save a life!

Donate to Educate

Education should be promoted the most especially among the poor so that they can easily earn a living for themselves and their families and pay for all the necessary expenses.


Zakat is an obligatory form of Charity in Islam and helps fulfill needs of the sufferers and helps cleanse our wealth as well. We can easily pay our Zakat online through Daraz Cares.

Charity Organizations Involved with Daraz Cares

A lot of charity organizations in Pakistan and NGOs are working for the betterment of our society and encouraging citizens belonging to upper and upper-middle class to make donations in Pakistan for those who’re in need. Support our partners The Citizen's Foundation, Akhuwat foundation, Redwings, The Indus Hospital, Greet for Cause, Patients Welfare Association, Aman Foundation and Roshni Trust Homes through Daraz Cares.

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