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Boys Kurtas Price in Pakistan

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Kurta, Shalwar Kameez and Sherwani for Kids in Pakistan

Shalwar kameez and Sherwani are the quintessential desi formal attire that is usually worn in the wedding events by man. However, now it is not just restricted to men, children these days are opting for wearing desi formal clothing. Therefore, sherwani for boys is getting so much traction and flooding the market in several colors and designs. Although, the selection process of kurta and sherwani for kids in Pakistan is slightly different compared to men’s selection process of a sherwani. The men are not very experimental with sherwani shopping. They do not bother to try different shades, designs or colors. They usually opt for plain design in subtle colors like black, white and gray. However, when it comes to selecting sherwani for boys, the variety of colors and designs rises significantly.

Best Fabric in Sherwani for Kids

Sherwani for little boys in Pakistan is made in many fabrics that you can imagine. You must keep in mind that kids are not mature enough to carry sherwani gently and most importantly they need comfort more than anything else. So, if the fabric is itchy or too elegant, the kids might end up crying throughout the wedding or they tear their clothes like paper in no time.

In order to keep the kid comfortable in sherwani make sure to avoid heavy fabric like velvet in hot weather and choose soft material like silk for your kid’s sherwani. Moreover, try to get sherwani with printed design rather than heavy embroideries to keep it lightweight and breezy for kids.


Best Bottom Wear for Boys Sherwani in Pakistan

The correct selection of bottom wear is equally important to perfectly complement the sherwani for boys. Usually, churidar pajamas seem like a perfect match for sherwani but it may keep the kid restless. For kids, straight pants are a pretty decent option to go with sherwani. Also, dhoti are also in trends these days that you can opt for kids sherwani in Pakistan.

Best Sherwani Colors for Boys

As we mentioned earlier, little kids and boys are not mature enough to understand how to carry a sherwani. They would roll on the floor, running after other kids, spilling food on clothes and would not mind to use their sherwani as an activewear. So, the best you can do is to choose a bright and vibrant color so that the stains hide behind the dark shade.

Best Footwear for Kids Sherwani

Ethnic footwear like khussa and peshawari chappal are the items that usually complement sherwani and in all honesty, they look great. However, when it comes to selecting footwear for kids wearing sherwani, comfort takes precedence. Ethnic footwear is not necessary for kids as they will not feel comfortable and will try to get rid of their footwear in the first place. So, you’d better select simple shoes that fit well and make the kid comfortable in sherwani.


Kids Kurta, Kameez Shalwar Price List Looking for Kids Kurta, Kameez Shalwar price in Pakistan? Buy Kids Kurta, Kameez Shalwar directly from official dealer. Latest price of Kids Kurta, Kameez Shalwar is 299 Rupees (PKR) at daraz.
Top sellers pick Kids Kurta, Kameez Shalwar Price in Pakistan
baba boys kids black shalwar kameez Rs. 299
Cut Price Boys White Shalwar Rs. 350
Qameez Shalwar Dark colors for kids and boys age from 1 to 14 Years Rs. 399
Wash and wear Kurta Shalwar for boys age 2 to 11 years Rs. 426
Wash and wear Qameez Shalwar Blue color for kids and boys age from 1 to 14 Years Rs. 449
Yellow Mayun Mehendi Cotton Qameez Shalwar for 1 month to 8 Year old Boys Rs. 449
Cut Price AM 2 Yrs - 17 Yrs Boys Shalwar Kameez Suit Sherwani Collar Black Rs. 699